Chipotle News: Open in Union Station, Coming to Mt. Vernon Square

There have been lots of reader reports that the Chipotle has opened up in Union Station. And while it was only scuttlebutt in August, The Mt. Vernon Triangle Fall Newsletter says that “Chipotle will be moving into the The K sales center at CityVista along 5th Street, NW.”

In the same scuttlebutt post I mentioned that Ray’s of Ray’s the Steaks would be coming to City Vista as well. That also turned out to be true so stay tuned for more updates on Ray’s plans for City Vista.

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  • I gotta admit I do like Chipotle sometimes. Not many fast food places where I can get a relatively healthy vegetarian meal. It will be nice to have one nearby.

  • If you like Chipotle, go to this link and see how much fat and sodium you are consuming with a typical lunch offering. So unhealthy.

    • I did the calculation for what I would typically get and it’s 17 grams of fat, but 13 grams come from the guacamole. Given that it would be my biggest meal of the day and avocados are so good for you, I don’t think this is too terrible. I’ll agree that the sodium content is high, but that’s true of any meal that’s not home-cooked

    • If you get a burrito bowl with beans (skip the rice, too many fast carbs), chicken, salsa, and cheese, that comes out to 425 calories with 50(!) grams of protein, for a fantastic macronutrient split of 32/44/24. That’s downright healthy.

      And, as gia said, feel free to go nuts on the guacamole – there’s nothing wrong with monounsaturated fats.

      It’s very important to remember that fats don’t make you fat. Unfortunately, far too many people either never learned this lesson in biology, or buy in to the horribly misguided notion that fat free foods will make you skinny.

      • Calories make you fat, no matter if they come from Fritos or avacados. Calories in, calories out. Yes, avocados contain a healthy fat, but you’re kidding yourself if you don’t count their calories into your daily intake.

        • Ok, but the guy above is getting a burrito bowl for under 500 calories. I don’t know about you, but a burrito bowl (or in my case the salad) is huge and might very well be the only thing I’d eat that day. The calorie count is really not that high, if you make the appropriate choices, given the enormous amount of food you’re getting.

          • My comment was aimed at the statement to go nuts on the guac. Never a good idea to go nuts on guac without counting the calories. So, you and I are commenting on different things.

          • Oh ok, I do agree with you on that. The amount of guac they give at Chipotle is ridiculous. Usually if I’m with someone we’ll get it on the side and split it.

      • I guess you can get a decent meal, if you are not concerned about the sodium content.

        • That, and the portions are too big. It’s not healthy to be stuffing that much food in in one sitting.

          • I usually get tacos there. I can finish three and be full. I can rarely finish an entire Chipotle burrito in one sitting.

          • Who says it has to be consumed in one sitting? Every time I get Chipotle, I either eat it for lunch and dinner or for lunch two days in a row. My typical bol has 54% of my daily sodium, so I can easily stay under the recommended maximum sodium intake for the day if I have half of the bol for lunch, half for dinner, and greek yogurt with fruit for breakfast. My typical bol also has only 630 calories, which, again, is fine when you consider that it comprises two meals.

    • 480 calories and half my sodium for the day in my order. I skip the tortilla, cheese and guac. I’ve eaten Chipotle once a week on my diet and lost 10 pounds in the last month. Moderation, moderation, moderation.

      • I used to have a roommate who worked at Chipotle, and he’d bring food home for everyone in the house. We were eating it about 3-4 times a week since it was free and since it’s hard to get sick of black beans and rice and pico de gallo. None of us gained weight.

  • Will the Rays be a Rays Hellburger, by chance??

  • I like Chipotle, and work near Union Station, but I’m sure this place will be mobbed during lunch.

  • Speaking of mobbed, hey Chipotle in Columbia Heights, add a second cash register! The evening lines are insane. Glad about the Union Station addition. The food court in U.S. is horrible.

  • Happy to see Chipotle in Union Station and also happy there will soon be a Chop’t next door to it!

  • Let’s not kid ourselves. Chipotle used to be owned by McDonalds. The fact that their food isn’t the healthiest shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

    • I’d be surprised if you could get a similar meal at a nicer restaurant with a better nutritional profile. You could probably cut out a lot of the sodium and some of the fat by making it at home, but that’s a whole other kettle of beans.

    • If you guys think an unhealthy meal is around 500 calories and 20 grams of fat, you should probably check out what people are eating in the states between, say, Maryland and California.

      • include europe in that too.
        and the middle east.
        oh, and south american and the rest of north america.

    • Clearly you have not been to Chipotles.

      Without a doubt it is one of the healthiest fast food choices available.

      • For the enormous number of DC residents who sit on their fat butts all day (lawyers, nonprofits, etc.), the healthiest choice would probably be to skip lunch once in a while.

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