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  • YAAA! Italian beef yo!

  • bulldoze it and put in some condos

  • Wow, Chicago style hot dogs! As a Chicago native, accustomed to thinking New York has everything Chicago has and more and better, it was a shock to discover that their street hot dogs are distinctly inferior to ours.

    Washington, cool as it’s become, isn’t in the same league, except: Metro now carries more people than the L, and the half smoke can hold its own against either of the giants’ offerings. Still….

    It would be nice if they also had Chicago style Polish sausage, which is IMO even better than the hot dogs, right up there with half smokes, but I don’t see it on the menu you linked to. If that’s the case, it’s back to Ben’s eventually.

  • I predict this will be a hit with vegetarians. Throw away the hotdog and you have a pretty decent salad.

  • I predict this will fold like the hot dog place on 18th. People expect to pay $1.50 – How can you compete with Ben’s and the corner stands?

    • With tax and tip, a chili halfsmoke at Bens is $7.

    • I think there are enough people heading to U St. these days to support two hot dog places. And Chidogo’s has a niche with all the Chicago stuff. If it’s good, it’ll survive. If it sucks, it won’t.

    • Ben’s is awful. I don’t understand why that place gets so much attention. For a place called Ben’s Chili Bowl would anyone actually eat a bowl of that slop they call chili?

      I’ve been waiting for Chidogo’s for months and will give it my full support. Please tell me it’s opening this week.

    • I don’t think it’ll be too hard to compete with Ben’s Toilet Bowl. People only go there because they hear they’re supposed to go there. Nobody goes there because they like the food. People who just want a good hot dog will go to the better place.

  • I can’t imaagine that this place will be open long. First off, the name is horribly cheesy. Second of all, going there after a night of drinking is just a cheap knock off – you can’t bring members of the opposite sex without looking pathetic, and you can’t bring people from out of town because you’ll just be sad.

    The decor is just awful.

  • Also as a Chicago native I’m super excited to see this coming to U Street. Hotdogs should always come on a poppy seed bun with NEON GREEN relish, onion, mustard, peppers and a pickle! I hope they have Green Rivers too…if anyone knows what I’m talking about.

    • +2 I hope they get the relish right but the pics make it look like the standard stuff. Green River would be phenomenal but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • #7 GREEN RIVERS!

      Also, maybe we should look into dying the Potomac green on st patty’s day. although, it is already it’s own shade of green so…

  • I will be on a juicy big beef combo with hot peppers and mozzarella like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

  • Bonus points if you can swear at the staff after Midnight, a la Wiener Circle.

  • Look, it’s about damn time this town got a place with an Italian Beef offering. Before you decide this place won’t survive, try one. Anyone who’s ever had Al’s or Portillo’s in Chicago is in hog heaven waiting for this place to open up.

    • I keep hoping against hope that some day a Portillo’s will open up in this city. hopefully somewhere thats not within walking distance, or Im going to need a rascal scooter to get around.

  • as someone who grew up on Chicago hot dogs (I am a firm believer that ketchup should NEVER be on hot dog) I can’t wait for Chidogo to open. If they are able to replicate the food I think that it will be a great place to grab a bite to eat.

  • “Pickle Dog — Our Fried Pickle Spear fills the bun and we add all the toppings.”


  • I’m good for $75 a month at this joint. Hope it helps.

    I still dream about Portillo’s…

  • Someone should tell them they need to get veggie dogs not just give you the bun and toppings or a pickle.

  • First of all your name is “LA”, so I should cut you some slack. But forget that. It’s called “Green River” and you forgot seasoning salt. The final touch on a true Chicago style dog.

  • I’ve waited 20 years for this and I hope it is good. Pickle relish is key. I can’t imagine they would do everything else so exact and miss that obvious distinction on a fine vienna beef dog.

    Also it’s very hard to find a good sport pepper locally.

    Equally important is the beef sandwich. Nothing like it on the east coast.

    Hopefully there are enough Chicagoans around now thanks to Obama To support this and make some local converts.

    Ben’s really doesn’t have a great dog. It’s quite cheap tasting and it became popular IMO as a way for the average NW person to feel adventurous. The half smoke has a pop that is enjoyable to some but just fills me with questions about what is actually in that thing.

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