Atlas Room Closer to Opening on H St, NE

It’s been a while since we heard the news that 1015 H St, NE would become the Atlas Room in the old Napa 1015 space. I just noticed the new awning had gone up and here’s a bit more info from their Web site:

“The Atlas Room offers a dining room that strives to provide a menu of local seasonal offerings in a unique and relaxed atmosphere. Its modern American cooking style draws inspiration from around the globe while focusing the menu on local and sustainable ingredients. The bar offers the opportunity to indulge in a selection of signature cocktails and wines while relishing the seasonal and ever evolving menu. Our style of dining reflects today’s eating sensibility, with the option of all menu choices available in a personal, appetizer or main plate portion size.

The Atlas Room will provide the community with a high quality eco-conscious restaurant and bar. A restaurant is capable of being more than just organic to the neighborhood by fitting into the surrounding landscape and demographic. It should also strive to fill a need at the basic social level for connecting with those around us and experiencing the conviviality of the table. The Atlas Room will have this ambitious goal at the heart of its fine seasonal food and wine offerings and consistently gracious approach to service.”

Hopefully, it’s not too much longer until they open.

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  • Granted I only monitor H St activity via PoP. That said, it appears that H St is turning into Adams Morgan, viz. a long strip of bars and restaurants. Is that true or are there other things opening up there? I know there are other things there now, but is any of the new stuff not a restaurant/bar?

    • Not sure of anything that’s coming, but H Street already has a thriving arts/music scene (the Atlas and R&R Hotel, plus several small galleries). Upscale retail is scarce, but you could say the same about any neighborhood on the Hill. I think businesses have a harder time attracting customers omn the Hill because most residents have cars and Virginia is so easy to get to from there.

  • non bar/ restaurants on H Street NE: British Ink (tattoo parlor), Metro Mutts (upscale pet supply store), Atlas Performing Arts Center, City Gallery, Dissident Display (design studio), The Joy of Motion, Gallery O H, H Street Playhouse, Studio H (art Gallery), Spoiled Rotten Kids (kiddy store), Connor Contemporary, Birkram Yoga, and a few clothing stores. These are the ones I’ve been to and I am sure their are more.

  • there’s also a day care center (the 23-hour one whose sign was featured on here), a law office, a grocery store, offices for the Income Maintenance Administration and the Department of Employment Services, a minimall with a shoe store and other stuff, and a self-storage facility.

    Sidamo does sell food, but it’s not a bar, just a coffee shop, and I don’t think it’s open too late. So that might fit in the non-Adams Morgan category too.

  • and there’s the boutique clothing stores in the 1400 block. the new Giant going in at 3rd st. and countless barbershops, cleaners, etc. H st. is a lot more than just bars and restaurants

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