Ardeo and Bardeo in Cleveland Park Getting Completely Renovated

Looks like Tackle Box coming this winter isn’t the only big news for the 3300 block of Connecticut Ave, NW. Thanks to a reader for sending news about an online auction:

“Ardeo and Bardeo Restaurant a Washington DC icon is changing their concept and completely renovating both locations. All dining, lounge and cosmetic furniture and fixtures will be liquidated by internet only auction.”

So if you really really loved either location you now have a chance to make their decor a part of your home…

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  • I’m thinking this can only be good, because that place has always been very mediocre in my experience.

  • This is one of the many reasons why cleveland park is a pretty square neighborhood.

    Ooooh, I get the creativity. Bardeo and Ardeo. One is more bar-like because it says “bar” in it. Silly me. The joke eluded me for years.

    My suggestion wouldd be just to concentrate on sucking less.

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