Appreciate the Effort But Let’s Move On

I thought it was pretty cool when MPD issued a press release announcing that:

On June 24, 2010, a large number (more than five hundred) of baseball cards was found in a grassy area in East Potomac Park near the Tennis Center. The person who found the cards recognized their potential value and notified the police who recovered the items as found property. Thus far, the Police Department has been unsuccessful in locating the collection’s owner.

But I find it a little disconcerting that they still include this info on their email reports (most recently, last Friday Oct. 22nd). I actually love baseball cards. Or used to anyway. But you’ve made your announcement. Noted. It was a nice gesture. But it’s time to move on.

Now if it was baseball autographs…

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  • Has anyone else notice how people are leveraging the MPD list serves as a soapbox for there Church/political opinions and affiliations?

    I am kind of tired of getting 10-12 emails a day that are not informative whatsoever…just some local spouting off their opinion about how to bring down crime…or some council member using the list to bring attention to themselves.

    • So much so that I often just delete all the e-mails unless it is from MPD and a noteworthy subject line. I wish I could only have MPD postings emailed to me so I don’t get inundated with the rest. However, that said, the listservs are extremely efficient ways for citizens to communicate with MPD and to get answers to questions – but I do get tired of the incessant bitching and moaning that comes from the same small group of people.

  • When’s the auction? I’ll take ’em.

  • This is simply an honest effort to return this valuable collection to its proper owner.

    Why is this unsettling or disconcerting ?

    No matter how small or trivial it might seem, it’s good police work from earlier this summer.

    Habitual reactions like this only contribute towards the piling on of the cynicism towards law enforcement and police, and doesn’t contribute anything or move our community forward in any way.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Good police work? It was turned in by a citizen. Anyway, MPD knows I appreciate their work – I correspond with them often. However, criticism doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate their other efforts. I just think the original press release was enough for lost baseball cards. There are much more important things to focus on now.

      No need to be so melodramatic.

  • It may be worth alot more than we think.

    Do the police have some obligation as to how long a lost “valuable” item, or cash, or whatever is held?

    • I believe they do. Generally, DC code says unclaimed property must be kept for at least 3 years, and before it’s auctioned, notices must be posted in the paper (like once a week for 2 consecutive weeks, or something like that). This only applies to property valued over $50. I don’t know if MPD is exempt or anything like that, though. Not a lawyer.

  • Baseball cards aren’t worth that much anymore. Sentimental value maybe, but generally pretty worthless.

  • The key to the listserves is receiving the digest version!!

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