Anyone Find a Passport Near Wonderland Sat. Night?

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“Dear PoP,

I was biking from my house in Park View down Kenyon. As I turned left down 11th street, I felt my wallet and passport fall from my pocket. I located the wallet but as it was dark and there were cars parked all along the block I couldn’t find the passport. I’m hoping someone coming from Wonderland might have run across it in the 3100 block of 11th street, NW.

In case I don’t find it, do your readers have any advice on what I should do? What do I do to “cancel” or invalidate a passport? How much harm could someone dishonest do with it?”

Sorry to hear this. There was some helpful advice given the when a reader lost a passport previously. It is definitely a good idea to notify the passport agency (part of the State Department I think) that it has been lost because it could bring you much grief the next time you needed to travel overseas or when it is time to renew.

If anyone lives near 3100 block of 11th St, NW please keep your eyes peeled for a passport. If you find one you can email me and I’ll connect you with the reader.

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  • Sorry to hear about your passport. If you need a replacement quick, I would suggest going through your Congressional rep’s DC office. There is a State Department liaison in the Longworth HOB and they can get a passport application processed pretty quickly, as in a week or less. However, you’ll have to pay to have the order rushed. Even if you don’t need it rushed, it’s still easier to go through your rep. Good luck.

    • Just go to the passport office and make an appointment. If needed, and paying of course, you can get the new passport the same day. The address is 1111 19th Street NW.

    • saf

      This person lives in Columbia Heights. Unless they are military or congressional staff, they do not HAVE a congressional rep.

  • Why were you carrying your passport in your back pocket at night while riding your bike, unless you were riding to IAD to catch a flight to Dubai?

    And please don’t use the “I don’t drive a car so it’s my only ID” because the DC Govt. does issue non-driver ID cards and charge a helluva lot less than DoS does for a passport.

    Tough loss, but a potentially big personal security breach.

    Good luck, get a DC ID

    • +1

      I’m sick of all you out-of-staters refusing to get DC Licences or IDs.

    • -1

      Pehaps he/she lost their license or had it stolen?

      How sad that your response to this person’s call for help was to say ‘told you so.’

    • I don’t drive a car so it’s my only ID.

      Actually a combination of that and what Anonymous said below. I’m a student, with residence in Massachusetts for voting purposes. I figure an out of state non-driver ID is something that few establishments are going to look on as legit.

      Calls to MPD have yielded nothing. I’ll report it missing early next week if it doesn’t turn up. Thanks all for your replies both helpful and snarky.

      • me

        “I figure an out of state non-driver ID is something that few establishments are going to look on as legit.”

        That’s dumb. Not only are there a lot of colleges in the area, but this city is known for having a somewhat transient population. The places that would be wary of fakes use scanners anyways, and the ID you have will work fine. Just use your Mass ID.

        • Actually, many bars in DC require a second form of idea for out of state drivers licenses. Especially for college age students. A 22 year old Massachusetts resident sure looks like a 20 year old DC resident.

          I’ve also lost my passport before (because my dog ate my wallet and my DC drivers license—no joke). It was really easy to fix. They have a form on line that you can fill out and mail in. I was in no hurry to get a new passport so I just kept a copy of the lost passport form and included it when I applied for a new one a few years later.

          • Really? Because I’ve lived in the area for 3 years with a New York ID and no one has ever “required” a second form of identification. I have gotten my ID looked at for really extended periods of time, though.

  • Farragut

    It’s hard to know what reason exactly the original person was carrying their passport around, but a quick comment on the non-driver ID cards–I’ve heard tell that if you use it in other states or even in stores or restaurants or bars that don’t realize there are such a thing, that non-driver IDs are seen as weird and possibly fake, despite their legality. *shrugs*

    • You can get non-driver’s IDs in a lot of states so I can’t imagine that you would gett too much grief from a shopkeeper or bartender in another state.

      • Unfortunately DC’s cards say “non-driver’s ID” or something similar on the top of the card, making them look really odd. Most states just issue a standard license and have the vehicle endorsement field blank, or a code for no endorsements. I’ve had friends and family with DC non-driver ID’s refused entry/drinks in out of town bars because of this. I know it’s not right, but it happens.

        • If bars in DC did that, they’d never make any money.

        • My husband has a DC non-drivers license. When we were younger he’d get denied entrance into dc bars because of it. They aren’t as common as people think and they do look different (i.e. possibly fake).

        • I’ve never had any problems getting served in DC with my Maryland driver’s license.

      • I’ve been with friends from other countries that have had their passports rejected as a legitimate form of ID in both Virginia and DC. Some door people are just dumb jerks.

        • Back when I lived in Massachusetts, I had to carry my passport when I went out, because they don’t recognize any out of state ID or foreign passports in bars and liquor stores. A couple of times, I even got kicked out of bars because my passport was issued in New Orleans instead of Boston. Not that it’s nearly that restrictive here, but if you’ve ever lived in an area with really restrictive ID/blue laws, you get used to carrying your federal ID, because it’s the only one that people don’t automatically assume is fake.

          • Yep, Boston’s pretty retarded.

          • I was in Boston this past weekend and used my Virginia driver’s license at a bar, a club, a liquor store, and a grocery store (to bu age-restricted items). I had no problems at any of those places.

  • Didn’t there use to be a time when you didn’t NEED to show ID on a daily basis?

    Land of the Free. As long as your papers are in order.

  • If you have an out of state drivers license and you now live in DC and pay taxes in DC, why not just get a DC drivers license? You can actually get written up and have to pay a fine if you live here and don’t switch your driver’s license over.

    (If you are doing to maintain your voting rights in another state, I am sympathetic and would probably do the same,but in that case, you can use your out-of-state driver’s license to get in to Wonderland).

    Anyway, on the lost passport, if you don’t get it back pretty quick, like by Tuesday, please contact state department and report it lost. You can get a new passport, but they may issue a 1 year passport b/c you lost you previous one. So, try to find the lost one.

    • You only have to switch your license if you own a car that needs to be parked on the street (which will eventually need to have DC plates). Otherwise, you can live, work and own property here indefinitely without ever becoming a DC resident.

      • I think that is incorrect, if you live here you must pay taxes here and the law requires that you also get a driver’s license here. If you are a student or work for Congress there are exceptions. I’m to lazy to look it up, but I know someone who actually go arrested and taken downtown to the look up for driving on an out of state license when he lived in DC. He did not own a car, he was driving a friends car.

  • Interesting from “I lost my passport” to “why do you not have a DC license if you live here?” to “national security breach.”

    Maybe he was showing proof of citizenship for a job.

    Anyway, my son lost his and we reported it lost and applied for a new one. No hassle.

    Of course, terrorists are no doubt lurking around Wonderland looking for lost passports to alter, so we should probably go up to code red.

  • I suggest you report it lost immediately. You don’t need to apply for a new one immediately, but you should really report it lost. US Passports are like gold, it is not going to “turn up.”

    • Well, it is going to turn up, probably in the hands of some smiling Nigerian at JFK after all of the tombstone data has been scrubbed and a new picture printed on top of where the old one used to be.

      • It ain’t that easy. The us border and customs keeps records of finger prints and pictures at every border crossing. If the person who has lost it has travelled using that passport, whoever tries to be smart and use it will 101% get caught.

        • If the person purports to be a US citizen, s/he is not subject to US-VISIT, and picture/fingerprints aren’t taken. Besides, the way it works is you use the US passport to go through exit control in the embarkation country and then when you arrive in the US, you magically don’t have any documents and file your asylum claim that way. There are a number of other scenarios, none of which would involve having fingerprints checked at a US port of entry, but all of which result in a prolonged stay in a Western country.

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