Another Bookstore Bites the Dust – Tennis Zone Comes to 2319 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Yikes, I didn’t even realize that Glover Books & Music had closed at 2319 Wisconsin Ave, NW in Glover Park. It looks like a tennis store, Tennis Zone, has opened up in their place.

Were there any regulars of Glover Books & Music?

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  • Hope they can fix my tennis elbow…

  • You probably didn’t notice because who the heck ever goes over there anyway unless they live there.

  • I enjoyed the classical music playing outside the bookstore.

    Let’s hope the music isn’t replaced with tennis grunts and shrieks.

  • I bought a couple of books here. There was a really, really old lady who was very nice who worked there when I would come in to browse. It’s too bad more of the people going into the Whole Foods didn’t stop by this place.

    I have more sadness for the loss of the Austin Grill across the street. But this is many years ago already.

  • I always appreciated the music too. And I really wanted to be a regular (support small, local business, etc.) But every time I went in and asked for something, the gentleman there would say he didn’t have it/had never heard of it. These weren’t obscure titles either.

    The one time my girlfriend special ordered something from them, they never ordered it or bothered to call back. The easiest way small business can compete with the big folks is in providing superior service; they missed the mark. It’s too bad.

  • Who wouldn’t want there own Tennis Shop in thier neighborhood! Welcome Rava!

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