Annie and Teddy’s Coming to the corner of Potomac and Pennsylvania Ave SE

Annie and Teddy’s will be located at the corner of Potomac and Pennsylvania Ave, SE (the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Ave, on the same strip as Wisdom and Trustys). This sounds pretty sweet:

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  • I want to go to there.

  • my neighborhood is blowing up!

  • No idea where the Potomac Ave metro is.

  • This does sound really good. It’s sad though. I have just come from a Germany-Brussles trip and all this stuff woud simply be referred to as food and beer.

  • We are very excited about Annie & Teddys coming into the neighborhood; if its as good as it sounds itll be a great addition! Unfortunately there has been no visible progress since those signs popped up in mid-July – anyone know where/how we can find out whats going on/when we can expect some progress?

  • This is great news for my new neighborhood. I was excited over the summer to see the horrible, vacant general store renovated quickly to create condos upstairs. When I saw this sign go up, about 3 months ago, I was beyond pumped. But the place has not been touched since these signs went up. Like Potomac & Penn, I really want to know what the hold up is.

    • Could be any number of licensing issues and the usual DC red tape. Really looking forward to this place, but I don’t have much hope for that old KFC property on the other end of the block. Jemal owns it and he’s been known to squat on properties for decades.

      • huh, how can you “squat” on unused properties in even slightly desirable parts of the district anymore? Wouldn’t he have to pay the 5x property tax? Or is that only for residential property owners with no connections?

  • I’ve heard A&T project was dead. Original plan was A&T but it supposedly changed hands to someone operating a homestyle deli. Sign could just be dated.

  • I spoke to the owner of the property in August and he said it would not be open until winter.

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