7-11 Coming to 1300 block of 2nd street NE in NoMa

Thanks to a few readers for sending word about this development. One says:

“I was walking to work yesterday and noticed that work was being done in the empty retail space located in the Marriott Courtyard Located in the 1300 block of 2nd street N.E. Today they finally put up a sign that indicates a new 7 Eleven is going in. That will be great benefit for the people working such as my self in the area.”

Another writes that it is right near the New York Ave metro stop. Do you like the addition of a 7-11 here? Would you like to see a 7-11 open up in your neighborhood?

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  • No and No.

  • As long as it’s discreet, no problem with it. I’m not sure how much business they are going to get there, IMO a CVS would have been a better choice.

  • I think a hood in those early stages needs anything it can get and a 7-11 is probably a positive. THat development is turning out to be pretty amazing, it will be interesting to see how it impacts the real estate right there and also in east shaw, like over by brass knob. I went to some open houses over there and the houses were really nice and relatively cheap

  • I’m indifferent to this, my only negative is if it takes too much business away from Pound Coffee. I’d like to see them survive.

    I live on the border between Bloomingdale & Eckington. I have hoped that gentrification to southeast (NOMA), to the west (As typical in DC) and the North (Rhode Island metro devleopment) will help my neighborhood.

    I’ve seen a lot of progress in the past couple years, and hope it continues

  • Seems like 7-Eleven’s been targeting Metro stations lately. Of the new 7-Elevens I can think of that have opened in the past two years or so, there’s one right outside Fort Totten station, one a block from Silver Spring station and the one around the corner from Columbia Heights station. I’ve actually been wondering if this is a deliberate effort on 7-Eleven’s part to get franchisees to locate near stations.

  • I’m fine with it, as long as it doesn’t attract panhandlers like the one at 8th and Maryland Ave, NE.

  • 14th and Rhode Island 7-11 and the 17th and R 7-11 have massive panhandling problems.

  • I think it’s location near the ATF building and being inside of a hotel will prevent a lot of the issues at other 7-11 locations.

  • I would love to see a 7-11 in Petworth.

  • would LOVE a 7-11 in my neighborhoood – I used to go to 7-11 at 8th/Maryland all the time – panhandling (such as it was) was pretty non-intrusive and light –

  • “I’m fine with it, as long as it doesn’t attract panhandlers like the one at 8th and Maryland Ave, NE.”

    Whole Foods attracts panhandlers too. But I bet you are okay with that.

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