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Photo by PoPville flickr user mosley.brian

And a reader has a very serious question:

“Help! Despite regular use of Frontline Plus (topical flea & tick stuff) my coolest dog has fleas! After a week of scratching and much examining for a week I saw one actual flea about 3 weeks ago. I applied her regular does that day, a few days early, washed all her bedding etc. but it did not seem to do a thing. Yesterday my vet said I could apply another dose, and I’ve been washing bedding, vacuuming everywhere since then.

Has anyone else had flea trouble despite using Frontline? Any luck ridding the house permanently?”

Winston helping at the keyboard

Photo of Princess Mia by PoPville flickr user jkpeugh

After the jump a found puppy from Allison and Illinois Ave, NW

“Found this sweet brindle pit bull puppy this morning near Allison and Illinois, would you mind posting?

Thanks, Matt
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  • Damn these dirty, rotten “Animal Fix” posts. I can’t stand them. Waste of precious electrons and photons! Who needs to see cute pictures of cats and dogs and lizards? Not me, that’s who! Let ’em go to the humane society page and get their fill! Take pictures of your own animals and put ’em in front of your toilet so you can give them the face time they deserve! Grumble! Grumble! Bah Humbug!

    Oh wait. I love Animal Fix. Sorry. I thought I was Anonymous again.

  • One of my dogs once got a tick while on Frontline, and many people in the rescue group where I am active copmlain of it not fully working. From what I’ve heard the issue is usually when you are in areas of high flea-tick populations, i.e. woods or places with tall grasses. There are sprays you can spray on the dog before you go for your hike etc. They might help as a second barrier. If you haven’t been to wooded/grassy areas then think back to where you have been lately, maybe there is some sort of flea nest you could avoid. In the meantime, give the pup a good flea-dip, sorry, this must really suck.

  • anon. gardener

    Combing with a flea comb always worked really well on our cats.Keep a ziploc bag nearby, and dump the hair/fleas in as you go, then throw the whole thing away.

  • Yes, I now take back my previous comment expressing dislike for the animal post … I mean, there’s a lizard. Lizards rock.

  • I’m really unimpressed with Frontline. I always find ticks on my dog in the spring (we Rock Creek Park). I like best Promeris.

  • flee bomb your house every six months. Gross, but it helps.

  • My dog has had a terrible time with the fleas this summer and last. I keep getting rid of them and she keeps getting them.

    Its the one thing making me glad summer’s over.

  • We’ve had a serious flea problem this summer, and had to send one of our dogs away for a while (to a lovely farm- no, he’s not dead, the owner’s parents live on a farm) because of serious flea allergy dermatitis. Our dogs were also on frontline, and it seemed to do nothing. We’ve switched to advantix and are waiting to see if that works better, but in the meantime, still dealing with fleas. We flea bombed the house, washed the dogs and everything that might have fleas- they came back. Had professional exterminators come in- nope, still here. We’re waiting until the first frost which will kill the ones in the backyard (which the exterminator also treated) and do a heat treatment inside. It’s been a nightmare.
    …but at least it’s not bedbugs.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I had a roommate who’s cat got a major flea infestation. The vet gave her some sort of pill that made the fleas fall off the cat dead in about 30 minutes. Don’t know the name of the pill since it wasn’t my cat, and I don’t know if it works for dogs, but worth investigating.

    After the 1 treatment with the magic flea killing pill and regular use of frontline we did not have any more trouble with fleas.

  • my vet said that a lot of people have been complaining about frontline not being as effective this year– I think her office was processing a LOT of refunds for ineffective frontline and they were giving people a different flea medicine. I can’t remember which one it was… I think it was Advantix/Advantage.

  • The name of the pill is “Capstar” — unfortunately, that only kills the adult fleas, so any eggs that they have laid on your pet will soon grow into adults and re-start the whole infestation. Frontline and Advantage/Advantix kills the fleas in their immature stages. K9 Advantix is (in my opinion) the better product because not only does it kill the fleas and ticks, it repels them from even attaching onto your dog in the first place! but NEVER put K9 Advantix on a cat – the chemical pyrethrin is extremely toxic to cats!!

  • My dogs used to use Comfortis when I lived in the FL panhandle. That stuff worked amazingly well – I never, ever again had problems with fleas – and there’s ALOT of fleas in that area. It was a little pricey, but it works. It’s a pill that kills the fleas after they bite the dog with something that stays in the bloodstream for just over a month. I’d recommend getting a dosage a size larger than your dog’s recommended though – at least for larger dogs. My Golden weighs about 85 lbs and I used to give him the 100+ one, because it seemed to work more consistently for longer (and the dosages are WAY below the toxicity level on the active ingredients anyway).

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