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“Here’s Moses when he found out he didn’t make the Coolest Pet … Semis. He hasn’t quit crying since.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Suse_dc

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  • anon. gardener

    Another cat missing the tip of his ear! half the cats in our alley have (or don’t have) this. So far it seems to always be the cat’s left ear.

  • @anon gardener: I know vets take a little bit of the tip of the ear off to signify that the cat has been spayed or neutered. So maybe the cats were fixed through the alley cat allies. Or maybe they are in some sort of gang…. 🙂

  • Both the kitties in the bottom photo are missing their ear tips. I wish they were the surviving members of the 7th-N-Taylor Crew, but they’re actually the victims/beneficiaries of a spay-neuter-release program that I found out about from Metro Ferals – was great to have a way to get them spayed and get their shots :)

  • I’m not surprised that Moses, or Mo-got as I like to call him, has not stopped crying. 🙂

  • One of my cats is a recovering feral who had his eartip clipped by the Washington Animal Rescue League. He was rescued by some intrepid resucers from a life under parked cars, and I adopted the supposedly unadoptable cat. One of the best decisions I ever made. Amazingly, even though he was very frightened of me for a long time, he never expressed the slightest interest in going back outside – – in fact, he runs and hides anytime I open the windows, (the sound of traffic now scares him, I think.).

    • saf

      If you need more wonderful cats recovering from a life in the wilds of DC, talk to me. I have some torties (and one tabby)living on and around my porch. We’ve had them vaccinated and spayed, and are working on convincing them that inside is a good place.

      They are making progress, and interact with people now. And they are so cute.

  • anon. gardener

    Wow, I knew there had to be an explanation. Though I did have a dream about discovering a new breed of cat.

    I think they may still have an organized syndicate – zero rodents around here, and the birds keep their distance. I may have to start calling our two outdoor kitties Omar and Snoop.

  • Does the cat in the upper photo have M&Ms implanted in its foot?

    • No, but that would be awesome. They’re Softclaws — a fantastic product for cat owners who wouldn’t dream of declawing but enjoy their sofas and table corners in original form. They’re little plastic/rubber covers that slip onto each claw. Amazingly, my cat doesn’t mind them at all, and still loves her scratching post and cardboard mountains. And they’ve stayed on for seven weeks and counting!

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