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  • Yep! Mulching in the fall protects the soil from erosion in the winter. It’s also a very effective way to control weeds even far into the spring.

  • and it provides insulation for bulbs that are planted in the fall.

  • and it is the gods’ way of shitting on your happy

  • Does anyone know if, and where, you can got to pick up mulch as a DC resident?

    • I may be making this up, but I thought I heard you could pick up compost at the Ft. Totten trash station. I know compost is not mulch, but maybe they have that too.

  • These are wood chips, most likely the shreddings of a fallen tree. It makes a poor mulch because it has not been composted. Using wood chips rather than real mulch could help as far as insulation goes, but this raw wood drafts nitrogen from the soil as it decomposes, robbing it from your plants. The composting process is necessary because it helps to sterilize the materials, ridding it of harmful bacterias and diseases (which fallen trees sometimes host). Also, finer woods are better because they break down more quickly, adding helpful organic matter to your soil.

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