Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

This rental is located at 3314 Mount Pleasant Street NW:

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The listing (via craigslist) says:

“Bedrooms: Efficiency
Bathrooms: One
Neighborhood: Mount Pleasant
Kitchen: Dishwasher, Electric Cooktop and Oven, Disposal, Refrigerator, Ice Maker and Freezer.
Laundry: W/D in Building
Sq Ft: 386
Application Fee: $40/Applicant
Deposit: Equal to One Month’s Rent
Move Fee: $250
Fireplace: None
Floors: Hardwood
A/C & Heat: Wall Unit A/C and Radiated Heat
Furnishings: NONE
Closets/Storage: Double Door Wall Closet, Hallway Closet”

Does $1,350 sound reasonable?

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  • Considering you can get a one bedroom down the street for less than 1100 with a month to month lease AND central air, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “NO.” This landlord is delusional.

    • where ? i couldnt find any 1 br in mt. p for 1100.. only basements

      • sure, but I’ve seen condos in this building – it’s fully renovated, brand new kitchen, etc. You definitely could not find a comparable renovated studio for $1100/mo. A more older/out of date one, maybe.

        If the price is high it’s not by much. $1300 or so probably makes sense.

      • Park Pleasant Apartments. 3336 Mt. P Street. Not granite/stainless, but not a dump, either.

      • Obviously we don’t possess the cheap-apartment-finding superpowers that everyone else on this blog seems to have.

        • It’s luck, mostly. Cheap apartments are like good deals on houses for sale; they’re rented/bought in 1-2 days, if they’re ever publicly listed.

  • 386 sq ft for 1350 – overpriced. That is a nice kitchen for that size apt though. No walk-in closet (which many eff and studios have); have to pay for electricity and gas (gas stove it looks like); bad layout (one big square room w/o any dividing or angle).

    They might get snatched up quickly but there are bigger apt options, even in neighborhoods like dupont and adams morgan at comparable prices.

    It’s a condo owner trying to get back some of the money he may have overpayed his condo for – better deals in actual rental units.

    • Bear

      I looked at unit #27 (same layout, one floor down) in this building to buy a few months ago. It’s TINY. There are much better deals to be had in Mt. Pleasant.

    • $1350 for a studio <700 sqft?! Get real! I pay $1585 for 950 sqft one bedroom in Mount Pleasant. My apartment is sunny, beautiful, and comfortable. It has a sun room.

      My building is similarly non-stainless but decent, so it would shock me if the management company could get $1350 for a postage stamp 1/3 the size.

  • 1350 for a room with a bath and a kitchen.
    let me see.

  • No effin’ way. However, it does have a dishwasher…

  • i also looked at this same unit – probalby a different floor, but looks like the exact same apartment layout. i’m currently in 330 sq ft and feel like I have way more room than that apartment did. more to the point – i looked at this apt last august and it was $975, i think.

  • nice kitchen for a studio, but no.

  • You can get a larger studio in Dupont for that price.

  • It’s nice looking unit, the kitchen especially. Track lighting, appears to have new appliances, nice floor.

    It includes heat apparently, which is a plus. Plenty of light it seems.

    I like the counter along the window — really nice space. Seems as if there might be a view of sorts.

    Pricing wise, it’s probably at the high-end of the studio pricing,but I don’t think the owner is crazy out of sorts to see if there’s interest at $1350.

    It might go really quick for $100 or $150 less than that price, and perhaps the owner is willing to drop the price. It never hurts to ask.

  • no way…bad deal. the washer in the closet is sketchy, the shower looks prison like, and it is teeny weeny.

  • I have a 500 square foot studio in Dupont, 7 minute walk from the metro, all utilities included, for only $50 more a month than this place. Granted, mine is a little older and lacks a dishwasher, but I also have a bathtub, a much bigger kitchen, and a better layout. This place seems a little overpriced given its size and location.

    • Yours is also in Dupont. Mt Pleasant, lovely as it is, is not Dupont Circle.

      The only way I would ever consider living in a place that was 300-some sq ft is if I was looking to SERIOUSLY save money. That isn’t the case here. I didn’t even know that DC had apartments with less than 300 sq ft. Who says’s we’re not NYC?

      • You don’t get out much, do you? Lots of small apartments in DC.

        • I guess not. Or I just have friends can afford more than 300 sq ft closets.

          KIDDING. But actually, now that I can watch the video, the place doesn’t look that tiny. I have friends who say their place is about 500 sq ft that look about the same size. I have seen small apartments. Ones that are in the 300 sq ft range I have neither seen nor heard of though.

      • And since Mt. Pleasant is not Dupont, housing prices should perhaps reflect that.

  • Heck-to-the-no.

    Gosh, after the past few of these, I’m really starting to hope it’s not becoming the new normal.

    • I’m starting to get the impression a lot of you haven’t had to find an apartment in the city in the past 5-10 years.

      • No kidding.

        • Never rented an apartment in DC for $1000 a month, cheapest I had was $650. Last apartment was $723. Lived in DC from 2004 to 2008. It can be done. You just have to look really really hard. (And outside of the stumbling home drunk from your favorite bar distance.)

          Now I live in Brooklyn with a 2 bedroom for $1200, 20 minutes to Union Square and 30 to the Financial District.

          There are always good deals to be found. (And I say this as someone who has lived in the most expensive cities in the U.S.: SF, DC and NYC.)

          • NYC is much cheaper than DC. Seriously.

            If you’re a douchebag lawyer who simply *has* to be a five-minute walk to work, then yes, Dupont/Foggy Bottom are much cheaper than Midtown Manhattan.

            But NY has wonderful neighborhoods in Upper Manhattan (Wash Hts/Inwood) and the boroughs (much of Brooklyn, Astoria and Long Island City, Jackson Heights, etc.) where you can get nice apartments, often renovated, for less than what you would pay to be in a shitty basement in Columbia Heights.

            You can get a nice, renovated 1-bedroom in Inwood for $1200 or less these days. That’s less than a studio in Mt. Pleasant or Col. Hts. (or Silver Spring!), plus you’re right next to two train lines and can be in Midtown within about half an hour.

          • its time to let go man.

          • NYC truly is cheaper for renters. But I think SF still has us beat.

            I think the trick with finding cheap rent is looking during odd times, like during the dead of winter, and being able to act quickly. An inexpensive apartment will be snatched up immediately.

  • keep looking. i found an english basement in the same area for 950 a month that is 3 times the size of that.

    • Can you really compare the two, though? Lots of people are willing to sacrifice space for not living in a basement.

  • move in fee of 250.00 WHY SO HIGH?

    • If it’s too good to be true it probably is.

      Try emailing the owners of these properties– I can guarantee that the responses will be barely coherent, saying something to the effect that you can’t see the inside of the apartment but if you’re willing to mail the first month’s rent they’ll send you the key. Trust me, there are a ton of these scammers floating around on Craigslist these days.

  • Unbelievably nutso overpriced. Especially with no central air. Is a sucker born every minute? That’s the only way this price makes sense.

  • Definitely overpriced. That shower made my toes curl–and not in a good way. Ewww. Although the kitchen is nicer than the one I have now, I must admit.

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