Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill/Eastern Market

This rental is located at 5th St, SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment- conveniently located 3 blocks from 8th st bars, 2 blocks from eastern market metro
rent: 1395/month, tenant pays only electric
rental features: juliet balcony
washer/dryer (in unit)
central air/heat
exposed brick fireplace
zone 6 street parking”

Does $1395 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • Good deal, ugly as sin.

  • Good deal, but that kitchen looks horrendous.

  • Yeah, it is kind of ugly, but still a good deal in a great location.

    • I think Marion Park is slightly ugly/sketchy, though. Certainly not terrible, but if you’re paying a premium to be two blocks from the metro it would be nicer in one of the other directions.

      • I admit, the grass has been in terrible shape at the park, but what makes it sketchy? Is it the dog walkers, toddlers, or the police station?

        • I was thinking more along the lines of the people that hang out there. Harmless panhandlers, probably, but they’re still panhandlers.

      • I’m curious: If you think think this part of Capitol Hill is sketchy, what parts aren’t?

        Just a ludicrous statement.

        • It seems you really read my comment. I was saying that the other blocks surrounding the metro are a lot nicer and more attractive.

          I’ve worked and rented in the area for years and have been house-hunting on the hill for over a year. I probably know the area better than any of you, so don’t you dare accuse me of being ludicrous.

      • Thanks, I needed a laugh.

  • I lived in a 1 bedroom basement a block closer to the metro on South Carolina for $1275 with cable, electricity, and internet included. But, it was a basement and a bit moldy, with the Smallest Bathroom in the World. Being this close to Eastern Market is awesome, and the zone 6 parking rocks, esp. if you’re a Nats fan. I say its a good deal.

  • I dont think this is sketchy at all, i rhink it’s right in the heart of the safest part of the hill! Ugly cosmetically but great price and location.

    • I think people misunderstood my statement– I love this area and think it’s the best neighborhood in DC. Great parking and metro options, dog and family friendly, low crime, lots of charming blocks with historic houses, easy to get to VA and MD, Eastern Market and nice grocery stores nearby (the Harris Teeter + the new waterfront Safeway), and not far from the museums and monuments and downtown. So much to do on 8th Street and you’re not far from the H Street corridor either.

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