Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Brightwood Plus Reader Question

This rental is located at 737 Longfellow St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Your new address is 737 Longfellow St NW! This apartment is in a small well managed building. Bright apartment with plenty of windows and airflow. This apartment home has easy access to metro bus lines that run all over the city. It is close to Walter Reed, Howard U and Hospital, Silver Spring, Columbia Heights, and much more. Close proximity to grocery stores, pharmacies, and other shopping conveniences. Please contact UIP Leasing to set an appointment to view this fantastic apartment.”

Does $895 sound reasonable for this 1 bed/1 bath? I chose this one (though it is a bit further north then requested) because I though it might work for the following reader who asks:

“I’m looking for a new place to live in Petworth within the rhombus defined by:

Between and Taylor and Farragut
Between Georgia and New Hampshire

Can’t afford more than $900/month incl. utilities and I come with a quiet/tidy/peaceful/herbivorous 5-year old son.

We’re game for apartments—semi-slummy to well manicured, group homes, communes, or (like our current place) rooms in someone’s house.”

Anyone have suggestions for this reader?

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  • A quiet/tidy/peaceful/herbivorous 5-year old? You’re a rabbit family, right?

  • Is the only photo this one of the entrance?

  • If the family has a car it might work. It’s not really in walking distance to a grocery store so you’d be spending a lot of time waiting for the bus. But the price is good.

  • L7=7th and Longfellow is one hectic ass corner. Best look over your shoulder when you walk past there after a certain time.

  • Can’t speak for the place in the ad but I used to live in this building 2 blocks down the street:

    For their price range i would recommend it. There were kids living in there when I did.

    1 bedroom 865 + utilities

  • Think Twice Move Once , Drug dealer lives in the building, Kids on occasion hang out in front during summer months (early Teens) takes turn with dealer, late night early mornining coming and goins See all this from my window

    • what can we do to stop that? I want to see this area change.
      If you say something to the police…they will look into it. They’ve been getting more heated about the nonsense on Farragut.

  • I don’t know that I’d be trying to live in a group home/commune with a 5 year old. It doesn’t sound like the safest setup.

    Out of curiosity, why downtown DC with a 5 year old? It can’t the outstanding school system….

  • If you’re concerned about crime then check the crime stats for that area, its relatively hot as far as shootings and such go. You’ve got a good bus line on Georgia there. Other than that, its generally a normal area of liquor stores and carry outs and the occasional business. Yes Organic grocery store is the closest grocery, pricey but nice, and a few blocks closer than the stinky safeway.

  • I live on Somerset which is not too far from Longfellow and I pay 850 for my apartment, utilities included

  • I’m across from this building. In comparison with other buildings on that block of Longfellow, it’s fine, but there are two buildings on that block of Longfellow that are jacked up. 734 and 741 are ridiculous. MPD and FD are at those buildings every other day

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