Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale Plus Where can a reader find a month to month rental?

This rental is located at 2nd St NW at Rhode Island Av NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“A must see basement apartment. One bedroom sized loft (over 900 sq/ft), full bath, open kitchen, washer/dryer. Two entrances, four windows— lots of natural sun light. central air conditioning /heating w programmable thermostat and dehumidifier.

1 block from 2nd and Rhode Island Avenue NW. Walking distance to a number of metro stops, Howard University, Washington Hospital Center, Children’s Hospital & Chinatown.”

Does $1500 sound reasonable for this basement apartment?

Additionally a reader is looking for a month to month rental – does anyone have any good suggestions on where to find month to month rentals?

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  • Good location– but I don’t see where the bedroom is. Is this really a very large studio? If so, probably about $200 overpriced.

  • What’s a basement loft?

  • You can get a 1BR for $1500 that is better.

  • wow, spendy. I think 1000-1200 for that area is more in the price range. Also, the ceiling doesnt look like its the legal height requirement, just sayin. Its a bit of a hike to the metro from there. some people would consider the walk sketchy at night. It is on a couple good bus lines though.

  • No. It’s big, but that’s about it. Also, how can a basement also be a loft?

  • A hike? It’s 6 blocks away, the metro is at 7th RI.

    You can find a similar place in Logan/Shaw for the same price…15 blocks to the Dupont Metro.

  • I have a 3 bedroom 1 bath condo on a top floor w/ a patio in that neighborhood. I imagine I could rent it for $1900. I can’t imagine that a 1 bedroom basement would go for $1500.

    So either I’m in much better shape than I thought of this unit is mispriced.

  • THere’s a field on craigslist for short term rentals

  • You can get a 1 BR in Adams Morgan for $1600. Too much.
    I’d use Craig’s List, City paper or VRBO for a short term rental. There’s also a hostel in Petworth that might work for the right person (student, young professional)

  • When I first moved to the area I needed a month-to-month while I house hunted. I ended up staying at the Virginian Suites in Rosslyn:

    It was relatively affordable, walkable to the Rosslyn metro, and they provided some nice other services as well.

    • I actually grew up in an apartment there! It was just The Virginian back then. Rosslyn was just being built (eternally it seemed)and still full of pawn shops.

      For month to month also check There are some house/apt. shares, but also whole apts.

  • Is the reader a man or a woman? Young or old? If the reader is a young woman, there are several options for month-to-month housing. Thompson-Markwood Hall near the capitol is about $900/month I think, and Centro Maria in Brookland is $680. Washington Theological Union in Takoma Park also has rooms available month-to-month, for both men and women.

  • month-to-month can be hard to come by in DC since it’s very hard to make a tenant leave if that’s the kind of lease they have. MD and VA might have different laws so it might be easier to find a place there.

  • For interns there’s the International Student House on R St. in dupont:

  • Yeah why are there no pics of the BR?

  • There was an article about this place in the WPost awhile back:

  • I second
    >. Its a good place to find some interesting properties in DC from shared room situations to longer term apartments and houses. The reviews and feedback seem to indicate people are pretty satisfied with their stay.

    $1500 including utilities is ok if there really is 900 square feet but I don’t see it from the 2 grainy pictures.

  • That price is astronomical for that area and for a basement apartment. I wouldn’t consider it for half a second. I had a great one bedroom for $950 right around that area a year ago (and it wasn’t a basement).

  • LOL “basement loft”

  • It’s that open floor plan along with a couple of poles that you pay extra for. It makes good sense. Well priced for the area. It’s a deal…

    • You can rent a 2 bedroom that is much larger, much nicer and closer to the Howard Shaw metro for not too much more. Way overpriced

  • 2nd and RI ave is the center of the bloomingdale flood plain. until wasa fixes its decades old problems, don’t rent a basement there.

    and a “basement loft” indicates a stupid ass landlord.

  • The ad says “one bedroom sized” not that it has a bedroom. It is a large studio apartment – and it is overpriced.

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