Wait, What? Georgetown Hospital has a Bar?

A friend of mine writes on facebook: “Can we talk about how Georgetown Hospital has a full bar complete with flat screen TVs? It seemed an odd amenity for a hospital…”

Ah that’s phenomenal. Sadly my friend dampens my joy a bit when he it explains that it is actually across the parking lot in Darnall Hall. Still pretty convenient…

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  • Most hospitals have chapels so it only makes sense that they would have a bar as well. You’ve got to find God somewhere, right?

    My question is, how is the employee discount there?

  • Well, it IS a Jesuit school!

  • The restaurant/bar (Epicurian) is in a space that was once occupied by a dining hall that closed in 2005. It now serves as a student dining alternative to the one (and only) dining hall on campus and for visitors to the campus and hospital.

    The hospital already had another “bar” as there is full service restaurant (The Alumni Club or something?) in the Leavey Center (attached to the hospital) that serves alcohol.

    • Leavey and Epicurian are next to GU Hospital on campus, but neither is attached, and you’d have to walk outside from one to the other. So, no, its not like you can roll your gurney out of the trauma ward to watch the Skins and grab a bud light.

  • Well, it’s better than a McDeathburger in a hospital. And yes, there are hospitals (though not in DC, as far as I know) that have them.

    • Any time I’ve been in surgery, a McDonald’s is about the best I can think of to have from “the outside.” Hospital food sucks. Even the good hospitals. Your going to die anyway, why not enjoy with the McDonald’s?

  • I ended up there a couple of days ago, and the bar is really nice. Solid happy hour specials, and live jazz on the day I went in (a Thursday– but they apparently have other live music on Fridays). The parking in that area is a complete debacle though, so it’s only really worthwhile if you are already in the area.

  • Its a blessing for anyone that has had to spend extended time at (though not personally in) the hospital.

  • One of the benefits of being affiliated with a Catholic university.

  • Pretty much every military base has bar(s) on them so why not Georgetown?

  • I can’t believe no one has mentioned the teppanyaki tables and sushi bar in there! The food is actually not terrible – when a friend was going through chemo and I was going along to keep her company, her mom and I would grab food here, so I’ve spent a lot of time here. On her last day of chemo, we had lunch at one of the teppanyaki tables. The chef was terrible with the knives – we were lucky none of us ended up back in the hospital.

    The bar opens at 11 and is very reasonably priced. If you have to be up at the hospital (or nearby) and need a drink, you could do worse.

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