Update on Georgia and Lamont St, NW Development

I forgot to post this big update from CM Jim Graham from last week:

Dear Friends, I am pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between the Fenty administration and the developers of the Heights on Georgia Avenue that will allow the project to begin construction in the next 60 – 90 days.

The Council of the District of Columbia was also instrumental in advancing the project by passing crucial legislation I authored to provide a tax relief for the affordable housing portion of the project and to realign the public alley to the rear of the property.

The building, to built at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Lamont Street (the current site of a vacant lot and a pawn shop) will consist of a mix of 50% market rate and 50% affordable one, two and three bedroom rental units constructed on top of 10,000 square feet of neighborhood serving retail. The building will comply with The Green Community Initiatives (roughly equivalent to LEED Certified standard) and the District’s Green Building Code. It will feature an accessible green roof with fourteen different types of vegetation, photovoltaic panels, passive solar heating and cooling, a central water system and water conserving / Energy Star appliances and fixtures among many other environmentally friendly attributes.

The project is being developed by a partnership between MiCasa, Inc., a local non profit, and the Neighborhood Development Company, another locally based company. The companies have developed numerous award-winning projects in Ward 1 and the Georgia Avenue corridor.

Another solid step forward for lower Georgia Avenue…joining the senior wellness Center (opens tomorrow!), CVS, Park Place Apartments, Bruce Monroe interim Park, New Community on the way for Park Morton…

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  • ya more public housing in columbia heights

    • It’s not in Columbia Heights, it’s not public housing, and it’s much more attractive to this particular resident of that neighborhood than the pawn shop and awful takeout place.

      • u can argue about the exact boundaries of CH but it is in the greater CH neighborhood. also affordable housing that takes section 8 vouchers is public housing. its coded language. yes it how attractive than a pawn shop but I’d rather hold out for market rate apartments than take the first thing that came along.

      • Ditto! As someone who lives a block away I’m psyched for this construction to get underway and look forward to seeing the ripple effect it could have on this stretch of Georgia.

  • But it is solar powered public housing.

    Will the “affordable” units qualify for section 8 (heck, what about the market rate, do those get filled up with Section 8 too). Because that completely undermines the point of creating affordable housing for working people. It will get filled up with non-working people.

  • i’m wondering if this will mean more or less people peeing/defecating in public on this corner.

  • I wonder if DC will someday have an Historic Chicken Wings/Subs/Chines Food Carryout District, complete with bulletproof glass and Mambo Sauce?

  • The Councilmember enjoys announcing projects since it strokes his ego. It’s too bad GA Ave will receive a number of projects similar in scope to this one and not have better projects like ones found in Logan, CH proper, etc.

  • FOURTEEN types of vegetation!!! wow!

    • Actually, (and with snarkiness assumed in your post) 14 types of vegetation on a green roof is quite varied. The number of plant species that can survive with full sun and no taproots–sedges and sedums and other succulents–aren’t that numerous.

  • I was still waiting for Mario’s pizza to open. I wouldn’t have gone there anyway… They should have decided to put retail there, there still isn’t a decent coffee shop in that area… i don’t know what the heck is going on with the shop at 8th and GA…

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