Update on 11th and Monroe St, NW Park Renovations

Last we heard the park was closed in late August due to lead contamination. Following is an update from Donny Gonzalez, Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization:

Regarding the 11th and Monroe construction schedule, looks like we are tentatively scheduled to begin visible work “moving dirt” in late January, weather permitting. The proposed schedule is as follows:

– Procure design services by end of October.
– Receive construction design by end of November
– Obtain necessary permits between December – End of January
– Procure Builder / Construction (approx 60 days to complete) between Late Jan / Early Feb through end of April or early May.

Right now, the park is currently closed due to low levels of lead contamination that came from building construction near by. The DC Department of the Environment (DDOE) placed a stop work order on that project and is currently negotiating a settlement with the developer to abate the contamination. We are looking at several options to mitigate the contaminated area keeping the construction timeline in mind.

As I understand it, DDOE expects the area to be abated within 30 days or so. Please note that the schedule I have provided is not meant to be exact, it is to give you an idea of the proposed schedule, but it is subject to change. This is the latest plan of action from OPEFM to develop your neighborhood park. We will make every attempt to stick to this schedule and to deliver it in a timely manner.

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  • So…

    It’s safe for me to walk down the street there without any warning of lead, but it’s not safe for us to play in the park?

    We don’t lick things in the park. Or really touch anything other than the ground with shoes and the playground equipment with hands. It’s a dirty park.

    • It’s a playground. Children to touch things and then put their hands in their mouths. Closing it was the right thing to do.

  • Agree with KenyonDweller, keep out until it is safe for children, clean, and ready next spring. DB, cross the street now that you know.

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