Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont Circle

This rental is located at 1815 17th St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Located in the trendy 17th Street corridor, near many shops, fine restaurants and exciting night spots at your doorstep. (AVAILABLE OCT. 8, 2010)

* Large Walk in Closets
* Parquet Floors
* High Speed Internet
* Central Heating and Air
* Cable Access
* Laundry Facilities
* All Utilities Included
* On-site Maintenance”

Does $1425 sound reasonable for this studio?

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  • It’s more than I can afford, but for all you get and the primo location, I’d say yes.

  • Great location, for sure!

  • I’d say it’s over-priced by about $100, maybe $150. I live three blocks from this location in a comparable apartment and pay $225 less (no internet access included at my place).

  • Live there now in a studio, and I am paying $1175 with all utilities included. I feel bad for the poor soul who is taking my spot when I leave in October because damnnn that rate sky-rocketed.

  • Isn’t calling this DuPont Circle a bit of a stretch? I mean I understand the desire to charge as much as possible for your apartment, but let’s have some honesty here.

    • Actually, that’s absolutely Dupont Circle. And given that you don’t even know how to spell it, I’m going to choose to believe you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

      That price is about standard for a Dupont studio, I think. That’s why I moved to Silver Spring, where I pay <$1200 for a much larger apartment right by the Metro, in a doorman building with a pool. But of course I'm not right in the thick of things.

    • Certainly is Dupont Circle, thats what is was called when I lived 1 block from there.

      What would you call that area, only 6 blocks from the park?

      As for the price, I bet it goes by the end of the day. Right on target.

      • Yes. Dupont Circle. Not DuPont Circle. We’re not talking about a chemical company.

        • You are right about the spelling of the Circle, of course, but did you know that Dupont Circle is named after Samuel Francis Du Pont, a member of the family that founded the company? The family has spelled their name all three ways over the years. I am a Dupont history buff.

        • Same name.

  • I realize that there is a big difference between people ready to buy a place vs rent, but wouldn’t the price of this studio make it much more reasonable to just buy a place, pay ~$300 less per month (including homeowner fees) and then just rent it out? It’s crazy to me that it actually costs as much to rent as to buy.

    • Not sure where you live, but in my neighborhood it is much cheaper to rent.

      • I meant in Dupont particularly. There are studios listed on Redfin for around $200,00, which would result in a lower monthly housing cost including HOA fees (assuming a large downpayment).

        • I think it’s the large down payment that gets people.

        • Lots of reasons why someone might not want to buy. Maybe they don’t have stable employment and can’t take the risk. Maybe they’re expecting to move to another area soon. Maybe they’re planning on starting a family in a year and will want a bigger place then. Maybe their credit sucks. Maybe they just don’t want to take on the hassle and stress of house hunting. Maybe they don’t want to take on the upkeep of a home. Maybe they just moved to the area and want to get a feel for it before buying.

  • That ad has been up for a while, which makes me think the price must be high for what the apartment actually is.

  • Move north, pay $1425 for a 1BR in MtP or CH

  • I lived in this building four years ago and paid $925 for a studio, and the next year it went up to $950. Damn, $1425?! That said, it was a fantastic location and I still miss that aspect. Also, utilities included = awesome.

  • Is this the Croydon? 1425 now. Before the jazzy new sign and windows it was much more affordable. Granted, that was about 7-8 years ago. It’s about 100-200 more than I would think for that neighborhood and size but it’s within range for Dupont studios these days.

  • not a bad building, if you don’t mind being infested by roaches. yuck.

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