Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale (Owner Request)

This rental is located at 29 Q St, NW:

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The listing says:

“New Renovation MUST SEE

Brand New 1 Bedroom basement apartment available in Shaw/Bloomingdale 10/1

whats included: Open floor plan, kitchen with high-end granite and stainless finishes. Stylish and well-sized bathroom with slate tile and modern fixtures.
Also included: Wood floors. ADT alarm system [included in rent]. Pre-wired for cable and internet [included in rent]. Full in-unit Washer/Dryer. Central/Heat & Air [separate system].
A Large bedroom that also gets natural light. Elfa Closet system already installed too.”

Does $1550/month + electric sound reasonable?

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  • As a Bloomingdale resident who used to rent an English basement in Petworth, I’d say it’s a bit high. $1200 + electricity would be more reasonable. At the same time, the area is getting a big boost these days so you may as well ask high and see who bites!

  • Is there parking included? I’d say it’s a bit high also. That’s not the greatest area, and far from metro. The unit looks nice though. The price sounds right for this unit, if it was in a bldg 3 or 4 blocks within the Shaw or Petworth metros.

    • And not in a basement.

    • It is within 3 or 4 blocks of the NY Ave metro.

    • its crazy how many people think this area is far from the metro. its less than a 10 minute walk to 2 metro lines.
      besides, those that foucus on metro access know very little about our fair city.
      the bus, the bike lanes, and walking is where its at. and for that, this place is stellar.

      not that its all that safe of an area. you need some street smarts to live there, plain and simple.

  • Jeez…if this guy gets $1,550 a month for a 1br at the intersection of North Cap and Florida then my buddy who charges the same for his equally as nice 1br basement apartment a block from the Col Heights metro at Kenyon and 13th is really underpriced.

  • ^

    • The neighborhood is scary? Whats your definition of scary?

      It is over priced though, a few blocks north… MAYBE if it were above grade and included utilities… on Q Street… I think 1200 or so is fair

      • I was having a discussion with some people (young females) about what part of DC we felt the least safe in. This area came up quite a bit.

        • Well if your group of girls was discussing it, crime statistics be damned!

        • Perception is reality in DC. Looking at crime stats the areas around the 1st St/Florida intersection and 1st St/RI Ave intersection are roughly equal (if you break them down you see some differences, but overall about the same raw numbers). However, the area south of Florida *feels* a lot sketchier. It’s a combination of the crappy park at the intersection and the overall feel of the block going south. You’re also closer to the Florida/N Cap nexus of shittiness. It’s a cliche, but the whole Shaw/Bloomingdale/Eckington/Truxton area really is block-by-block. Bloomingdale north of RI Ave is quite nice.

          • I ve lived in Eckington since 03 and like it alot. Easy metro access and love the new bike trail along the red line btw. Ive always seen young women walking to the metro (both NY Ave and RI Ave) to go to work all the time for years now, day and evening. They never seen to have this “perception” of sketchiness. Frankly Id be more worried about a frat party as a young girl than living in this area…

  • No way. For a basement? Waaaaaay overpriced. $1100 tops and then pity for the person who gets stuck paying even that much.

    • Based on your comment you either have a great deal currently, or have not looked for a rental in a while, or just don’t know to say what you say.

  • This area is definitely gaining traction. There are already people paying almost this much in Bloomingdale. I’d say this is about $100 over from what I’d expect. But my intuition tells me it’ll rent at this price.

    $1200 will get you a cheap, dirty, and likely-to-flood basement around here. It’ll sound like an oxymoron to some, but this is a high-end basement apartment, so it will cost more.

    The fact that they put down hardwood means they’re not afraid of flooding. I’m guessing they did it right, with a French drain/sump pump combo — something to inquire about.

    • …unless they didn’t. Then where do you go for the month it takes to repair the damage. Bloomingdale is notorious for flooding during heavy rainstorms, along with Eckington and Ledroit Park.

      • Areas of Bloomingdale, areas of LeDroit Park, and limited parts of Eckington are subject to flooding.

        My basement hasnt even gotten moist during the worst rain storms when everyone else nearly floated away. There’s not a working drain in my back yard – still nothing flooded the basement.

        So, its not as widespread as some say. It is extremely serious for those who are affected though!

      • That’s why you inquire. This is the kind of question everyone in the market for rentals should be used to asking. Ask about previous floods, sump pump, drainage systems, etc.

        No sump pump = no deal.

  • I don’t claim to be an expert on the area, but that particular intersection makes me feel especially unsafe. Maybe it will improve?…but until it does, I don’t think you can rent out a basement at a premium.

  • Does Bloomingdale really command these prices? The aparetment’s nice but the location isn’t comparable to someplace further west (or east). I wouldn’t pay it, but someone who wanted a large renovated apartment might.

    • Well, to start with, this isn’t Bloomingdale. It’s damn close, but the other side of Fla. has a different vibe.
      Map here: http://www.bloomingdaledc.org/

      • So does that mean than $1550 is ok for Shaw (which I guess is what this technically is) and that it’d be cheaper or more expensive if it were 400 feet north?

        • This is Truxton Circle, however, this is closer to the emerging amenities in Bloomingdale than some other parts of Bloomingdale are. You could actually live cheaper in Shaw itself, but it wouldn’t be a nice renovated place like this.

        • Personally I think it’s overpriced, but I’m not in the market for that type of unit. I did, however, shop for houses on that very block, and I did decide to pay more for one just north of Fla., so yeah.

  • I live in an english basement in shaw that has more square footage, and pay almost half that. No way is that worth it.

    • If you are renting a basement for $800 anywhere in NW, it floods, your landlord is illegal, and there’s probably mold behind the walls. It could be black mold, which causes brain damage. Know what you’re renting, because there are real risks associated with a bad rental.

      A friend of mine looked at a $800 basement apartment in Shaw. The landlord said up front that it floods (to his credit), so she didn’t take it. Sub $1000 rentals are rare close to downtown.

      • Mold doesn’t cause brain damage unless you’re working for Binder & Binder.

        I’d guess that more than half of the basement apartments in DC are unreported. If you skipped those apartments you’d never find a cheap apartment.

        • I personally know a person who’s claimed brain damage due to black mold exposure. Even the milder symptoms of exposure to black mold are pretty bad. People should be aware of what they’re in and be educated renters.


          • And there is an opposing view on “black mold” apparently mold is everywhere, it is just when conditions are right it grows. A not properly dried-up flooded basement or leaks anywhere in the house help it grow, but according to this guy http://www.forensic-applications.com “black mold” is a media sensation, but noting to be alarmed about unless you inhale it for years and years in large quantity.

  • WAY overpriced. I feel bad for the newcomer to town that pays this!!! It would be semi fair at around 1000 or 1100 but it’s a basement — it’s hard for me to imagine paying that much… suckas only

  • I pay $1550 for a 950 sq foot, all amenities basement in AdMo. 530 sq feet for this amount? No way.

  • in all fairness, you probably already have brain damage if you are going to pay that much money to live in this location

  • No way – it looks like a really nice basement, so I’d say it’s comparable to non-basement 1BRs of average quality. Given that electric isn’t included, I’d say $1400 tops, and that might even be high given the neighborhood (I’m not familiar with how much 1BR rentals area round there).

  • Beware of the flooding.

    • i’ve not heard people complaining about flooding in this immediate areas. have you? the storm drainage system south of florida is different that bloomingdale.

      that intersection of rhode island and first, whole nother game.
      i wouldn’t even put stuff in a basement there.

  • i know someone who lives on that block in a *nice* renovated, non-basement hug 1Br. and pays less than $1000/mo. these people have lost their minds.

  • Insane. That could be a mortgage payment on a three bedroom house not far from there.

    • There is nothing in this neighborhood that you could finance for $1500/month. Even the shells cost more than that. Hell, land here costs more than that once you add in the taxes.

      The cheapest move in ready property near here is a 2 bedroom condo on this block that would require $1800/month to purchase.

  • thanks for the feedback group. you can’t fault an owner for wanting to get the most out of their income property. the basement was not easy [or cheap] to get to that condition, so while you don’t want to overvalue your investment, you dont want to undervalue it, either, since creating the income property has the goal of [drumroll] creating income! [as much as you can while being fair] basement apartments may not be for everyone, and once you see the pricing for some of the above-grade places anywhere in the city, a basement begins to look pretty attractive.

    shout out to Tres for keeping it real–you know this area/this block well enough to know that while this isnt “Bloomingdale” proper, its commanding Bloomingdale-type prices for rentals and sales….one reason: we’re closer to Big Bear , the farmers market, and Rustik Tavern than many others in actual Bloomingdale.

    questions about flooding: the basement has always been dry and continues to be. no french drains etc. but plenty of standard drains and waterproofing of the foundation.

    post-script: we’ve shown the place, but we’re still available for rent. send along any inquiries through the link above. refer to this thread, and who knows, maybe we can even make a deal

  • That’s the mortgage payment on my three bedroom house not far from there….that I bought in 2004.

    It’s four blocks from the red line, five from green/yellow and a less-than ten minute bike ride (sans hills) to downtown, U St and H St. There are pros and cons to this neighborhood. Crime is actually not one of them. SOME foot traffic freaks out outsiders driving past, but no one I know who lives here has ever had a problem.

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