Top Spanish Restaurant Opens at 3541 Georgia Ave, NW

Speaking of Tex-Mex

“Dear PoP,

Check out the Top Spanish Cafe on Georgia Ave in Park View (right across from the ‘House’). They apparently just opened last week and are working with a soft opening menu but offer both Spanish and Tex/Mex. The sangria and paella were great as well as the service!”

Couple more shots after the jump including a taste of the menu.

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  • got a chance to go here and it was fantastic (and empty). they’re certainly working out the kinks but this place is already a gem in the neighborhood.

  • I’ve been there twice now and it is excellent. Finally something worth going to on georgia avenue

  • this is exciting news and a welcome addition to the limited fare on GA. but top spanish? really? there’s no other more enticing, creative name out there?

  • Ate here last week. Food was WONDERFUL. But we were the only folks there at dinner time! I hope they start getting more diners soon, would love to see them succeed.

  • Another fan here. there was 3 other tables there when I was eating

  • We ate there on Friday and we were the only ones. Of course it was only 6pm so maybe a little early. Food was great. Service was great. They mentioned that they get a good lunch time service from the school so hopefully that will sustain them until dinner picks up!

  • Thanks for posting this. I really want this restaurant to do well and I’m happy that Park View has a brand new, nice restaurant!

    I went on opening night and everything was super tasty and a great value! I can’t wait to go again.

  • Glad you posted something about this place, PoP.
    I went last week and LOVED IT! The food was much better than I expected. Very creative menu. And everyone in there was really friendly. It was kinda like eating at a friend’s house. Can’t wait to go back (for game day maybe? I really wanna try the shrimp nachos!). It was a little empty in there when I went, so next time I’ll be bringing some friends.

  • We went last week and had basically the same experience as everyone else: surprisingly nice interior (judging by the exterior), good eats, and outstanding service. They are still working out the kinks with the menu–wife’s scallops and shrimp were awesome, my rack of lamb only so-so–but the happy hour drinks were dirt cheap and they poured us the healthiest bourbon on the rocks I have ever seen in the District. We’ll be back. So glad that that stretch of Georgia has a real sit down restaurant.

  • The owner is a great guy and wants to be a good neighborhood type of place. I’ve eaten there and gotten take out and really, really like this place. I hope he is very successful!

  • I had lunch here today. It was FANTASTIC. I had the grilled chicken topped with a pinot grigio, lemon and butter sauce, artichoke hearts and capers. Sides were sauteed, crisp veggies. It was a light, tender, and beautifully balanced dish. My dining companion had an equally delightful Argentine Churrasco (cooked perfectly medium rare) with fresh chimichurri sauce and sides of warm beets with cornichon and diced potatoes. Sangria was snappy and refreshing too. Looking forward to trying their paella. What a pleasant surprise!

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