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  • It’s obvious this guy isn’t from the District. Kinda sad how he is promoting stereotypes that certain parts of the city are scary and people shouldn’t visit them for fear of being shot.

    • That was my complaint about this video too. Some of it is cute and funny but it plays up the stereotype to much.

    • he grew up in DC.

      you have no idea what you are talking about, huh?

      • 100 bucks says he grew up west of the Park, which is why he’s scurred of Anacostia and the Green Line

        • saf

          150 bucks says he grew up in VA, and says he’s from DC because it’s cooler.

          And indeed, looking at his website, he grew up in McLean.

    • Take it easy, there’s absolutely nothing ‘sad’ about this. This video is comedy, and playing off stereotypes – regardless of their relationship to reality – is probably the largest source of material for comedians.

      The bigger problem here is that the Metro Rap just isn’t all that funny.

  • Watching this kid get boo’d off the stage at the 930 club was amazing.

  • It appears his problem is more so with certain behaviors of people who ride Metro than with Metro itself.

  • The difference between being from Arlington and being from DC is non-existent.

  • This one was far funnier, the new one is pretty lame…


  • When I first heard it I thought it was mildly amusing but the tempo waaaaaaaay too slow.

    Couldn’t make it through it the 2nd time…

  • It’s somewhat creative, but plays on the same tired put-downs and stereotypes I’ve come to hate. I prefer the WMATA peep videos.

  • The dude lives in Arlington; that’s why he did a rap about it. And I think it’s the Clarendon area. I will always think of him as Remy Arlington because of it.

  • I thought the Arlington rap was pretty funny but the new one is so hateful. Metro has it’s problems and I’m sure glad that I get to ride my bike to work every day rather than take the metro, but is it all bad? You would assume so watching this thing.

  • such whiners. like none of ya’ll have ever joked about anacostia being dangerous. if you’ve lived here for more than a few years, yes you have.

    lighten up.

    • +1….wow…it’s a freaking JOKE people….relax. Who the hell cares where he grew up and lives now??? JOKE people…

      • Seriously…what is it like to be so easily offended? Really, how do you leave the house, watch TV, or read anything when everything is offensive to you? That has got to be really stressful.

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