The 5pm Post – Mt. Pleasant Fiesta – Sunday

Photo of last year’s fiesta by PoPville flickr user schmiddi

Fiesta DC

Date: Sunday September 26, 2010
Time: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Location: Mt Pleasant St. NW
Notes: The Latino Festival of Washington 2010, will be celebrating 39 years of tradition. The Festival will take place on Sunday, September 26, 2010, coinciding with the festivities of Hispanic Heritage Month, on Mt. Pleasant St, from noon to 7pm.

The Latino Festival will feature five stages that will incorporate music, folklore, theater, and other performing arts. The Parade of Nations will include hundreds of dancers from 30 folkloric groups from Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean. In addition, the event includes a Children’s Festival, a Science Fair, a Community-Based Organization Information Fair, a Diplomatic Pavilion for embassies and consulates, and sections for Arts & Crafts, Public Information and International Cuisine. The event is free to the public and family-oriented, with no sale of alcohol or tobacco allowed.”

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  • There is parking set aside at DCUSA for this event!

  • Worst festival ever….nothing given back to the neighborhood but garbage, trash, and dirty pampers left in people’s front yard….

  • This is now the de facto Mount Pleasant Day. It’s very well attended and we love it here!

    Come by if you can.

  • I want a free feckin’ boorrrrreeeeeetooooohh

  • The entitled of MtP who can not do without their precious automobiles for 8 hours of the year be damned, despite Ikea sales that Sunday. I welcome the festival and all the thousands of folks that it brings pleasure to. Nuts to the curmudgeons; bring on the marching bands, happy kids and horchata.

  • Its only in Mt. P can you get a Burrito at 3.30 am in the morning after the restaurant has closed, just by knocking on the door at Burrito Fast and Maria comes opens the door and makes the best burritos for your whole crew… love it!

  • It’s one thing to post no parking signs, it’s another to make it impossible for people who live there to get in and out. Totally taking over the street is too much. Rerouting buses all day on a busy route — how many people did that inconvenience.

  • I love and support all festivals – but just don’t think it should be that hard to find out ahead of time which streets will be closed. I just came home from a party in the distant wilds of Arlington – knowing ahead about MP day – but I figured Irving St. would be open.

    I checked the festival website this morning – no information at all.

    Irving st. is a major thruway at the end of the closed-off area. Of course I could navigate around and the extra 20 minutes driving didn’t kill me – but would it be so hard to put up a map or some kind of notice as to which streets would be open?

  • I received the maps with the traffic instructions last year. Nothing this year, but it would have been useful for the new residents. And seriously, it’s one day in a year. So many times the roads in DC are off limits vbecause of street festivals etc. And a lot more times traffic is blocked to let the VIP motorcades pass by. People need to stop being so sensitive.

  • Agreed that it’s one day of the year; I have no problem with it transpiring & the fact that it blocks my alley so I can’t get my car out would be no problem if we were alerted ahead of time. However, we received no notification that the entirety of Mt P street would be blocked off, and we’re new residents of the area. I would have moved my car in advance if I had realized so I could make it out Sunday afternoon. That & the fact that I saw several people using the alley behind my house as a public urinal made me much less excited about Feista Day.

  • best parade ever!!

  • Did anyone else see the woman threatening to bomb white people and starting fights in the street at 16th and columbia? she was going up to cars and people and stopped traffic.

  • It is so sad to hear these people saying “nothing was given back to the community”, it really shows you know “nothing” about the need of the Latino Community to celebrate their heritage. And they constant complaining about streets being closed, diapers, and all kinds of issues that happen at any gathering, no matter how “perfect” you are.

    We should take this Festival out of Mt. Pleasant, it is a gentrified place and you plain “don’t like Latinos,” period.

    I remember in the late 1960s and 70s when the only people that wanted to live in Mount Pleasant were Latinos. But the city changed, Adams Morgan changed, Mount Pleasant became colorful and “ethnic” and of course, you like that but you refused to mix. That is the code for anglo saxons and others. Too bad, you’ll lose a beautiful festival, where over 23 countries from the Americas and Caribbean participated and gave you the gift of other cultures.

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