The 5pm Post – H St, NE Festival Saturday!

One day the organizers of the H Street Festival will recognize that while the Jewish people only make up 3% of the population we make up about 36% of festival goers… (Last year the festival was over the Jewish New Year.) Anyway for those not fasting and repenting this is likely to be a really good time. And to all who I’ve offended this past year please forgive me and eat a corndog for me!

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  • I don’t see anyone in DC changing plans around Ramadan and Eid, which is observed by Muslims who make up far more of the population.

    Did you make any comments asking event planners to hold off then?

    • Give me a break. Ramadan is friggin month long. And the Eid is a day of festivity.

      • The point is that there are other religions. Why don’t you tell us how many Jewish holidays you want events canceled for?

        Nobody is forcing anyone to stop observing their religious holidays. You can’t be pissed only when things go on during the Jewish holidays.

  • Where’d that 36% number come from? Sounds made up to me… I’d like to see some sources on that 🙂

    Fall festival season in DC is jam packed, and our festival has always been the weekend between Adams Morgan Day and Barracks Row Fall Festival (formerly Oktoberfest). It sucks, but someone has to be on this weekend, and we’re it. (Unless Adams Morgan Day wants to switch with us!)

    Early estimates have attendance today around 25,000, with no dogs shot. A banner day for H Street all around!

  • wow. not even an acknowledgement in that note, nichole. no one would plan a festival on your beloved easter or christmas. but then again, this doesn’t apply to me because there’s no way i’d travel out to the middle of nowhere to be in the ghetto.

  • Oh, and if my calculations are correct, next year’s festival won’t fall on any holidays!

  • Thank goodness Jon Stewart is coming to DC, because it sounds like every single one of you needs to take it down a notch (and he promises the date, 30 October, holds no significance). It’s a street festival. Nobody took away your birthday. If you couldn’t go, you couldn’t go.

  • The festival was awesome. Thanks to everybody involved.

    The breadth of unique food and drink offering on H are really amazing.

  • Agree the festival was amazing!! H Street blows Adams Morgan Day Festival out of the water!! So fresh & new. Great music, great food variety, good people watching and arts! I wish we could have even a quarter of the great businesses from H Street over on GA Avenue. Where’s the development on Georgia???

  • Wow – the comments here are amazing – take it down a level and leave religion out of it. Besides, if it’s such a ghetto, you have not missed anything.

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