Stop work order for IHOP in DC USA

Thanks to a reader for spotting this development. Just a couple of weeks ago we heard that was slated to open by the end of Nov. IHOP will be located on the Irving St, NW side of DC USA in Columbia Heights. Hope this doesn’t delay them too long. Looks like they just need to get a couple of permits:

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  • Out of towners discovering the “unique” DC permitting requirements.

    • who is the out of towner?
      the guys that are opening up the franchise are locals.

      • How long they been here and what have they opened in DC before? Rules and bribery protocols (aka “fees”) are rather different here in DC. Assuming you can even get an audience with DCRA of course. Never mind OTR, DoH, and the various other agencies that need to be involved. My guess is they work from the IHOP playbook and that book doesn’t jive with the “unique” way things work (or don’t) in DC.

        • You think working after hours is in the IHOP playbook? Not filing a supplemental plumbing application? It’s a single page.

          I’m as critical as DCRA as anyone, but these are quite blantant violations. I, for one, am quite happy that you need to show cause to work after hours.

    • $200 in unmarked bills

  • Hint to IHOP’s DC folks – next time try the “rooty tooty fresh ‘n’ fruity briefcase full ‘o’ cash” instead of just some damn pancakes when bribing DCRA officials.

  • And when the hell is the Ellwood Thompson going to open, or will I be teased with “coming soon” signs forever? The signs used to suggest they would be open LAST FALL, but that of course did not happen.

  • Did I hear right from Mayor Fenty? There is an IHOP in ward 8? How did they get through DCRA’s permit maze?

  • At this point, I think the over-under on ET opening in DCUSA is “never.” And I’d take the over. They seem to have completely stopped communicating with anyone about their plans. What a shame.

  • There is an IHOP in Ward 8 in the Congress Heights Neighborhood on Alabama Avenue SE. It’s in the same development with the new Giant.

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