Renovation Starts in Earnest at 3418 11th St, NW Next to Columbia Heights Coffee

Back in July we learned that Barrio would no longer be coming to this spot. However, I spoke with some workers who said they think the space is still going to become a restaurant. Some folks I chatted with think it is going to become ‘Local 11’ from the owners of Local 16 (and also the folks behind the abandoned Barrio idea). I’ve sent some emails out but have not heard back yet. At the moment I’m not sure who is behind this project. Nevertheless, I think the important thing to note is that work has finally begun in earnest. There have been far too many teases with this spot. I’ll be sure to update when more info becomes available about the space.

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  • Thanks for the update! I just want it not to be vacant. And soon the really big construction project will begin on the building across the street (demolition has been completed, and the developers report that interior construction should begin in October and be completed in the spring). Plus the community garden is nearly ready to open.

    Now if the city can just get going on making the fantastic 11th and Monroe park plans become a reality, that stretch of 11th Street will have completed its transformation from a dead zone of derelict, abandoned buildings to a fully-realized stretch of businesses, restaurants, play areas, attractive / useful green spaces, and arts centers.

    Parking is going to really be an issue once all this construction is completed because, well, there is none. Meridian Pint has the right idea with the weekend jitney service bringing folks to area parking lots. I hope other new commercial businesses take that model to heart and expand that program to make use of all the spare parking at DCUSA and the Giant.

  • What is going on with the condos (?) at the corner of 11th and Park across the street from the dog park and RedRocks?

    Those have been sitting like that, almost completely finished, for at least 2 years. What is the deal? Why not finish what you started? I think those deserve a Horse’s Ass Award.

    On a related but side note, where can go to check whether vacant property owners are paying the vacant property tax rate? Why do I have a sense that many folks get around that with all sorts of loopholes?

  • Parking sucks in this area. I like the new (and old) joints on those couple of blocks, but not all of us are walking distance (and yes, yes, I know: driving is evil, right?). It’s kind of a PITA. Doesn’t the city impose some kind of standard on how much development can happen sans parking?

    Otherwise, hurray!

    • dude forget parking. take the bus if walking is too far. but for people that live near by and dont need to drive – more business and apartments improve our living standard.

    • There’s a ton of bike parking!

    • Columbia Heights as a neighborhood has far better parking options than almost any densely populated retail-heavy area in the city, with the two huge garages in the middle of the neighborhood, both of which have cheap hourly rates. The key is to make sure that the utility of these garages (especially the Target garage) is maximized by steering cars there (such as what MP does with the jitneys, but perhaps on a larger scale as 11th Street continues to develop) and making sure the garages stay open later on weekend nights. And street spaces need to remain reserved primarily for area residents to encourage better use of these garages, as well as public transit. At worst, for those who don’t want to metro, bike, bus, or walk, we are talking about a two to three block walk to an always vacant parking garage, hardly the end of the world. There is also a huge lot by the church on Sherman and Park Road, maybe a deal could be worked out for use of that lot by 11th Street businesses at times it is not being utilized by the church. Seems like a win-win.

  • yuppie playground in the middle of a working class residential area for the most part.


    • I guess “working class” people don’t like low cost / free arts (Bloombars), soccer fields, community gardens, pizza places, dog parks, and reasonably priced quality food, right anonymous? We’re not exactly talking about the Park on 14th or Citronelle here. I’m sick of this class warfare B.S. everytime something that enhances the neighborhood replaces a boarded up building or garbage-strewn empty lot. Where were your “mehs” when 11th Street was nothing but eerily quiet corners, vacant buildings, and dilapidated lots?

      • I was happy when 11th Street was quiet, peaceful, and not full of 20 something drunks every weekend. To each their own though.

  • parking is great on 11th north of monroe, on monroe east of 11th, on 10th north of monroe, etc. i’ve never had trouble getting something in the area.

    • I live north of Monroe on 11th and you’re correct that normally parking is great, but I have noticed in the past few months that it has gotten more and more difficult to find parking in front of my house…But I’m all for new businesses coming in, I just wish more people would take advantage of the public transportation.

      And agreed that there needs to be MUCH better bike parking.

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