Reader tip: argyle convenience store on Mt. P st was just robbed at gunpoint

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Argyle Convenience Store is located at 3220 17th Street NW right at the corner of Mt. Pleasant Street and Park Road, NW.

Always disturbing to hear about a store being robbed at gunpoint. Even more disturbing when it happens in broad daylight. More details as they become available.

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  • oh no! not the “convenient store”! it was so convenient. 🙁

    seriously hope they are all okay though.

  • I don’t understand the idea of crime being more scary in daylight.

    Violent crime is horrible. Period. The time of day doesn’t take away or add to any particular crime.

    Is it because we’re just afraid of the dark? Afraid of what is more difficult to see?

    I get the whole, it’s more brazen in the daylight because people might see it and not expect it, but I’m not buying that argument. It’s still a horrible, violent crime. The fact that the criminal was stupid enough to do it when others might see him or her doesn’t make it more horrible. In my opinion.

    All that said, sucks for the Argyle. Hate to read these types of posts.

    • whatever. most of us know when daytime shit like this becomes more frequent it’s scarier.

      kids are out. more people in general are out. lots of people could get hurt. lots more than at night.

      when criminals are ballsier it’s worse for all of us. except you.

      but the rest of us can see the writing.

    • Are you stupid?

  • Guns in Mt. P? WTF? Keep that sh*t over in Columbia Heights, thank you very much.

  • isn’t this the store owner who disarmed a would-be robber some years ago?

  • Alright. Dumb question. Is this a seller of different types of arglye in one convenient place, or is it a convenience store named Argyle?

  • Any news about the suspect?

    I think stuff does tend to happen there during the day because its much quieter when most people are at work/school.

  • Ah yes, DC — the wild wild west at its finest. Where’s a good sheriff when you need one.

    I was robbed at gunpoint while working a job once. When I asked him if he was serious, the fat old white guy said “you don’t want to get shot.” Amazing he would risk cops, courts, jail for a measly $60 bucks.

    • When it comes to money, no amount is big or small. And no one can be trusted, old/young – white/black.

      But in the end everyone pays for their doings one way or the other.

  • This is what happens when the unemployment rate in DC is 10.5% – above the national average unemployment rate.

    Writing teens off as feral and not giving them any job skill training, contribute to our social woes here in the district. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    • what does it mean to “be part of the solution?” if one is not deemed in that group, does that make him/her liable to be justifiably robbed?

      i can agree with you that hypothetically high unemployment likely leads to higher desperation and crime (though in the current downturn this hasn’t been so much the case, see nationwide and city crime stats) and that a poor education system is in part to blame for crime. we need to provide all kids with an excellent education– no one will disagree with you. and calling people feral is pretty stupid, alienating, and lazy.

      but you lose me in your self-righteous last line. and to suggest that a business or person not fitting your moral compass is due for violent assault and robbery is lame.

      • I meant +1 to the person who commented “writing teens off as feral and not giving them any job skill training, contribute to our social woes here in the district. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

  • “but you lose me in your self-righteous last line. and to suggest that a business or person not fitting your moral compass is due for violent assault and robbery is lame.”

    Nice interpretation, but the last line has nothing to do with the victims, and it is a shame for anyone to have their possessions taken from them.

    The self-righteous line is for those who wish to complain rather than do something to make an impact. Sure, alot can be accomplished by education, but it is not the “be all end all”. There are alot of youths who do not fit the academic lifestyle, and are not the intended audience in a public school. At best, the generic DC public school education is lacking. As a result, there must be other avenues that are explored to engage the young minds and foster/nuture their creativity, such as skilled apprenticeships or other job trades. Having youth employed is probably the biggest deterrent to robberies and other violent crime. But when was the last time you saw a teen working at a fast food restaurant, or in a local retail store? Nowadays, they are few and far between.

    • i’m glad you’ve elaborated. your previous post was ambiguous and seemed to make an argument linking crime to unemployment (“this is what happens…”) to education and neglect of children (“not giving them any job skill training…contribute[s] to our social woes”) to an accusation (“if you’re not part of the solution…”). by stating “this is what happens” and casting an accusation, it seemed you were making those not “part of the solution” ultimately responsible for the crime. your tone (always subjective) made it seem you were condoning crime as a kind of karmic justice against those in your view responsible for society’s failings.

      i (and i think most others) would agree that schools in dc and everywhere need to be better fitted to the lifetime needs of students. apprenticeships, specialized job training, etc. need to be encouraged. and community colleges have a huge role to play in helping adults become economically upwardly mobile. umuc and montgomery college do a great job at this. encouraging employment is probably a tougher nut to crack, but i agree with your overall push. just please try to avoid throwing out ambiguous, polarizing lines like “you’re part of the solution or part of the problem” or “this is what happens.” it makes conversation harder. and i could probably have avoided calling your post “self-righteous” and “lame.”

  • PoP, any idea why, whenever you post a video, it causes the page to jump to that entry? Granted, I’m easily annoyed, but I find this… annoying.

    • +1 Agreed – PoP, could you just post a link rather than imbedding these objects for the reasons metioned above?

  • By the way, Argyle was up and running again last night (~8pm) when I stopped by. The employees seemed to be in good spirits. I hope they are able to quickly rebound from this, it’s a great little shop.

  • “Writing teens off as feral and not giving them any job skill training, contribute to our social woes here in the district. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

    True perhaps, but:
    1) Not having a job does not justify robbing people at gunpoint; and
    2) What does that comment have to do with this crime? Do you even know that the perp was a teen from DC? It could just as well be some adult crooks passing through on their way to some other state.

    • +1

      Lots of people grow up poor, with ill-paying jobs, and they do not turn to crime. There is no excuse for armed robbery. None.

  • Perhaps a downside of the recent organized police effort, after aggressive lobbying by Arglyle condo owners, to aggresively punish “loitering” in front of the Argyle is that there are fewer eyewitnesses to deter armed robbers. I’m baffled by the opinion on the Argyle list-serve that yesterday “underscores the need to call 911 whenever we see loitering in front of the building.” You’d have to be remarkably out of touch with your surroundings to think that the half-dozen or so regular patrons of the store who hung out on the Argyle steps would be complicit in an armed robbery there. If you’d ever spoken with them at all, you might have learned that they mostly live within 2-3 blocks of the store. I’d say its highly more likely that their presence within a few feet of the door would have been helpful yesterday. But, alas, my clueless neighbors will continue to burden our police (who in my own case were too busy to respond to a call of… armed robbery) with urgent calls of Brown Person Sitting.

    • Hello Neighbor,
      I resent the intimation that my advise to call 911 is racially motivated. We called the police one night after someone sitting on the step threatened us. The police offered to come to our building to discuss the issue of loitering with the residents. At that meeting, the police suggested that we call 911 whenever we see loitering.

      My partner and I are not the only residents of the building who have been threatened and our concerns are not limited to people of any particular race.

      The facts are that there is drug-dealing in front of the building; some of the loiterers have been agressive and, now, we hear about a robbery at gun point.

      The next time you would like to address a statement made over the listserve, please have the courtesy to make the statement directly to the person who sent it.

  • I agree that it would be a pretty ineffective robber who would hold up the Convenient Store, then come back the next night to buy a lotto ticket and take his place on the stoop! I’m taking a wild guess that the perp(s) is not from Mt. P.

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