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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Rave: Runner-up in caption contest!

    Rant: Stomach pains

  • Rant – I realize PoP is not exactly the place for hard-hitting news, but these daily animal posts are approaching self parody. Maybe they can be trimmed to one a week… like “caturday” or something.

    Less a rant, more a ಠ_ಠ – These Meridian Pint inline ads. “Come in for football and beer?” To classify Meridian Pint as a good place to watch the game is, for me, a bit of a stretch. The TVs are too few, too small, and too far behind the bar. All that I could live with on game day, but the kicker is I’m not sure they put on the game audio. Subtitles are for football games you don’t really want to watch. I haven’t been in there for a live NFL game, so somebody tell me if I’m wrong here.

    Rave – Friday.

    • Isn’t your handle a dog’s name? Kind of ironic for you to be against animal photos.

    • Let me correct you. We have 6 tv’s downstairs including a 50 & 42 inch and we absolutely do play the audio on up to 3 different games. The crowds have been great. After all, where else can you catch every game while enjoying great American craft beer.

  • Afternoon animal fix is the worst.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I understand not everyone likes animal fix. Message received. However, it is one post a day out of 20. It’s not going anywhere because it makes me (and others) very happy. If it really upsets you then I will refund your subscription no questions asked. Thanks for understanding.

  • RAVE – discovering great, inexpensive yoga classes around the city

    RANT – people who cut the line when boarding the bus

  • I too am not into the animal fix feature. I think it’s less that I don’t like the feature and more that I don’t like cat people. They are the worst people going. And picturing them getting all giddy at the sight of a cat picture. Not even a cool cat picture. Just ANY picture of a cat sets them off. It all makes me queasy. Maybe if we are to keep that feature it could be expanded to include. pigeons. rats. zoo animals. raccoons and such. Limit it to one generic cat photo a week

  • Revel: my sweety

    Rant: it’s too hot for the end of September

    Revel: it’s not too cold for the end of September

    I third the animal post dislike. Agree with the once/week suggestion.

  • I like the concept of animal fix but instead of people just submitting photos of their pets (yawn…the next step would be folks sending in photos of their kids) I think it should be an adoptable pet each day (like GDON but people can talk about the pet), with additional news about the zoo, dog parks, etc.

    Rant: the circulator’s been really unreliable this week and it’s made me late to work or have to take a cab on a couple of occasions.

    Revel: first date with the friend I’d asked out last week went so well we went to opera in the outfield the next day, and are meeting up again soon! PG, last week you were waiting for your potential date (who I don’t think was mine 😉 to reschedule–did that work out?

  • Rant: People getting their panties in a bunch over animal photos. Goddamn you bitter are figgin bitter!

    Rave: The Animal Fix post everyday, and I’m not just saying that because my feline critter’s been posted already.

    (And not all cat owners freak out over cat pictures, anan. Way to generalize with blanket statements. Personally, I freak out over photos of pandas, but hey, that’s just me.)

    Rave: Friday + family members in town.

    • Tee hehe, you anti-animal people irked me so much that I made grammatical errors. JEEZ!

      • That’s okay, your grammatical errors are our source of amusement…
        At least you didn’t type “Goddamn you bitter are figgin batter!” which would sound to me like a recipe of some sort.
        Ummm, if I only knew how to make me some figging batter pancakes.

  • RANT: My friends who force themselves to be poor by putting ridiculous requirements on their jobs such as starting a minimum wage INTERNSHIP at near 30 because they “want to break into” an industry even though NO ONE breaks into an industry via an internship and all hiring managers are going to look at that decision so late in life and make a swirly motion around the side of their head and THEN these friends who are poor ONLY because of their actions complain that I don’t feel sympathetic toward the plight of the poor, including them, the poor college graduates with large student loans who at age 28 took some 20 year old’s internship.

    My friends who were born poor fought like hell never to be poor again- we’re talking about secretaries going to night school and guys who became plumbers. The people who I know are poor are ONLY poor because of their decisions despite the fact that all their friends are telling them they’re making massive mistakes.

    I know this really smart guy. Was born to a single mom in the late 1960s in Northeast DC, raised by his grandmother, went to a sh*t DCPS high school and got into fights all the time. Guy gets an internship with city councilman, gets himself into UDC and studies computers so hard that he quits college 3 years in and goes to work as a computer programmer and today owns his own company in Arizona. Somewhere along the way he got an MBA. Did any of his schools help him learn computers? NO, his schools sucked. But he saw how people, black and white, made money and he went and did it and his two daughters are in some fancy shmancy private school in the desert if Facebook is to be believed.

    Do I care to help the poor? um, no, no I don’t. I was poor once, I made $14,000 per year, barely $1000 per month, and you know what? I looked around and said “I am being really dumb here” and I APPLIED for high paying jobs and got them. sheesh, it’s NOT HARD to get a high paying job, you just need to be successful in the interview and successful with the job’s requirements. I have a friend who is making just under $200,000 per year in public relations and he’s not smart at all, he just works 16 hour days to get it right.

    • I don’t disagree, even if it’s a bit over simplified and (by necessity) anecdotal. Drop your visor, though. I predict major vitriol shooting your way!

    • “it’s NOT HARD to get a high paying job, you just need to be successful in the interview and successful with the job’s requirements.”

      Easy peasy!

      I agree though, if you CHOOSE a low-paying job please do not whine to me about your small paycheck.

      • Yeah. Jobs that pay $200k/yr and more are a dime a dozen. The %31 of people that make $12k/yr, and the %19 of those who make between $12k and $20/yr who are unemployed just need to aim higher. Stop aiming for factory jobs and send some resumes to Wall Street.

    • I hear you. My siblings complain all the time that I am so “well off” I don’t understand their struggles. We all came from the same place – qualifying for free lunch and welfare. I just chose to work three jobs while putting myself through college and not play as much as I wanted to. Now I have a house and no more college debt and they’re whining because they can’t afford to do anything (yet they post photos of themselves drinking at bars all the time – and that costs money). It’s called opportunity cost people = sacrifice at the beginning and it pays off in the end.

  • Xtra Revel: neener’s RANT.

  • rave: that POP provides this space for people to examine life in this city.
    rant: the a-holes who complain about what features are posted and/or Dan’s publishing choices (or CAPTHA’s, or ads, etc.). To those who complain — you have a choice, just make it and move on.

    POP, I can only assume it’s been a very tough week for you, but thank you for not walking away.

    • I agree completely, except for the CAPTCHAs. If PoP is providing a service and he wants people to use it, he should do what he can to make it easy for them to do so. Without complaints about the CAPTCHA (which WAS a pain, btw!) he wouldn’t have known his users were irritated and would have never improved it. (new one is MUCH better!)

      I guarantee that the old system cut down on posts due to the frustration using it. Ultimately, that affects the bottom line, however you’d like to measure it. Therefore, the complaints are of legitimate value.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thanks for the kind words and support! But yes fixing Captcha was very important to do. If there are ever technical problems I do appreciate when folks tell me about it. And of course I try to be pretty responsive over email as well.

    • Don’t worry, page views = $$. Read up on Google Analytics.

  • Rant: Someone took a dump in the woods near my house…

    Rave: …at least they remembered to bring toilet paper…

    Rant: …but they left it in the woods.

  • This animal of the day debate is just plain silly. I scroll past it so fast the cute little kitties and puppies are just a furry blur!

    I also couldn’t give a half a flying rat’s arse about the house/door/transom/garden of the day (that’s only true 90% of the time. I just really wanted to say “half a flying rat’s arse”).

    The point is, if there’s nothing to keep me on PoP on any particular day, I move on… maybe actually devoting my full attention to my work, so I’m not poor like Neener’s friends. If some folks love the critters more than I do, so be it. No skin off my nose. I’ll check back tomorrow.

  • Rave: Sunfest in Ocean City and the weather is cooperating!

    Rant: Went into my favorite carryout and the customers were talking about how they wish Marion “Cokie” Barry was still mayor. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough before I truly said something nasty.

    • why not challenge them on it? say something nasty if you have to. I’d love to hear how they’d defend a cokehead as mayor.

  • To @TaylorStreetMan: They all said that they got jobs under Barry and they are now career employees which means only an act of God can get rid of them. If only you could have heard what they were saying. The discussion got a little heated and I was finding it difficult to be civil and I like going to the carryout so I tightly zipped my lips and left.

  • Nothing to rant about, except I think the anti-animal people are silly. The dog photos make me miss my dog, but I still like them.

    Rave: Busy, fun weekend. Date tonight, good friend’s birthday party tomorrow, blues festival Sunday.

  • Rant: Rants

    Rave: Raves

    Revel: Rants and Raves

  • Rant: I’m so tired of my work schedule. My wife is tired of my work schedule. My pets don’t even recognize me anymore.

    Rave: It’s Friday so I get to work from home for the next two days.

  • Rave: that is a cute smile on the kid in the photo.

  • Rave: non-Barbie-sized fridge delivered today. Removing something from the freezer is no longer a game of Jenga.

    Rave: working from home, sort of. And thinking about asking if I can take every other Friday off, in return for a 10% pay cut.

    Rant: new fridge (and stove) highlight the crappiness of the rest of the kitchen.

  • Rant: People who are easily baited into a heated racial discussions. When you see it getting out of control, please take a deep breath and choose not to participate.

    • Fantastic advice.

      Which brings up the question are we better or worse off for largely unmoderated discussions on the topic.

  • Rave: The cute 2-year old that kept trying to give me his mom’s $3 at the CVS.

    Rant: Cost of prescriptions.

  • Rant: The shooting on my block Wednesday has prevented me from getting much sleep the last couple of nights. How are these babies getting a hold of guns? If I’d come home from work 15 minutes later I could have been in the middle of it. I love my neighborhood and I hate that this happened here.

    Rave: It’s National Hug A Vegetarian Day which means I’ve seen more people at my desk than ever before today.

    • There’s a couple dozen gun stores right on the DC borders with MD and VA. All it takes is a relative from those states, or an ID from there, and its done, though you’d wait five days for the original purchase if its handgun of course. Virginia is recognized as a major source of illegal guns nationwide, as is West Virginia, usually acquired via straw purchasers and at gun shows, where you can literally by any gun you want, cash, no questions asked. Anything you’ve heard about a gun ban in DC is a joke to secure left wing votes and speaking engagements for our officials, exemplified by the continual murder and gunfire in the city. Unless you live where our councilmembers and mayor live of course, those areas are nice and safe.

      A great article on guns in DC by the venerable Harry Jaffe is here:


  • Rave 1: Going to the Jersey Shore this weekend!

    Rave 2: Finally got to tell family and friends that I’m pregnant!

    Rave 3: The ridiculously adorable kid with the gorgeous smile in the picture on this post.

    Rave 4: Insane work project finally over this week.

    Rant: The people responding to the post about federal grand jury duty with a “just suck it up, it’s your civic duty”. yeah, right. I’m sure you’ll still feel that way when you’re asked to spend 2 days/week for a year and a half sitting in a courtroom.

  • Rant: 62 bus driver Southbound at Georgia and New Hampshire at 9:40 am this morning. Stops 20 feet before the bus stop to let people out because the light is red and he can’t get to the bus stop. I start to walk to the bus but he closes the door, leading me (and the other three people at the stop) to conclude that he is going top pull the bus up to the stop once the light changes. the light changes and he drives off, right by the people waiting at the bus stop. Not the biggest deal to me because I just walked down the (ever)broken escalator and caught the Green Line. A bigger deal to the elderly woman who was waiting for the same bus and did not have the same option.
    I don’t know why some Metro bus drivers think they are doing you a favor by stopping at the bus stop. Like if you don’t throw yourself in front of the bus, you clearly don’t want to get on and should be left behind.

    • They get dinged on keeping the schedule, so only keeping the schedule matters.

      • I understand that, but I have been on the bus when the driver went right by someone waiting at a bus stop because the person had not moved close enough to the curb to indicate they were waiting for the bus. It’s like, “I’ll show you.” Where I grew up, if someone’s waiting at a bus stop, the bus driver assumes the person is . . . waiting for the bus.

        • some bus stops are more like camp sites.

        • Metro bus drivers with attitudes should get the day off as penalty. Can you imagine what they put up with? But their rudeness at times leaves a lot to be desired. If they get paid to be all pissy, what rights do riders have to piss back? At least it’s not race based?

  • Rave: Yahoo Pipes, which allows you to customize your Prince of Petworth RSS feed to exclude whatever you don’t like. Like kittens, apparently, to many on this thread. I have a Pipe that strips out a lot of the property related posts, because they don’t interest me, but I still get everything else in Google Reader just the way I like it.

    Rant: Comment trolls are mean, and I need to get better at shaking it off and ignoring them.

  • @deubius I was thinking the same thing – I typed 2 or 3 comments yesterday and then deleted each one. I thought about it, ‘ why are people surprised there is tension where the races (classes) come together.’ When there has been integration in American history there has been tension. I am going to get laughed off this blog for this next comment but here it goes. On Saturday I took 11th street through Columbia Heights Downtown. Latino guys were playing soccer and there were white / black people sitting on porches, kid playing, a rainbow flag or two, people were drinking @ Wonderland / Room 11, I genuinely thought it was beautiful to see.

  • Rant: I miss the weekend soccer games at the Clark Proving Grounds.

    Rave: MPDC this week did some good stuff. The 2 guns on Randolph and a suspect in Neil’s murder. Let’s hope we can get to Monday without another senseless killing.

  • Revel: Weighing whether I should use a light on my bike in rain or dark to make me more visible to motorists against the likelihood that it would make me a more visible, and easier to hit, target to the local thug shooters.

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