Pretty Bad When You Have to Post a Sign Like This

This is located just off barrack’s row (8th St, SE). Is this the city’s responsibility to trim? If so which department?

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  • well. submit a dc tree removal request onlin. worked for me in 1 DAY.

  • Car nerd here, again. On a total thread-hijack note, you’ve published a photo of the first car I’ve seen yet with the DN-xxxx license plate.

    Does anyone else look at license plate numbers?

    Does anyone else care when you see the next letter combination for the first time?

    Does anyone else feel a certain sense of pride at having “older” tags on their car? I’m talking the old style when the numbers and letters were still raised, or better still, when plates were still 6 numeric digits. (I have a set of those, which I got in 1995).

    I am probably the supremest car nerd on this blog. At least, today.

    • Right there with you. My wife and I race to see who can spot the new ones first. I’ve lost once. Probably because I stare at license plates constantly. And while some people stereotype drivers based on whether they have MD or VA plates, I judge everything about them based on the age of their DC plates. And I pride myself on my all numeric plates from 1995 (July 1997 is the cutoff I believe). I also am able to identify how long people have lived in DC by the age of their plates which tends to frighten people (oh, BV plates, so you moved here in 2004?).

      • ah

        Or maybe they just bought the car in 2004.

        • yep. i used to have that “pride”. i’ve been driving with dc plates since 1996, but once they got stolen. and this year i bought a new car and due to clusterfucuks with the dealership and dmv i had to get new plates.

          but yeah, i guess im new here since i have new plates.

      • saf

        Indeed. I have CP tags, but I moved here in 1983.

      • I heart Phineas. So glad I’m not the only one. I’ve felt “different” since I was a kid, when I first latched onto my dad’s 171-NAN plates from Jersey (1979 Buick Regal Limited, two-tone green, green velour interior).

        Have you seen the DNs yet? I thought I saw an EA a couple weeks back, but I think it might have been a fluke.

        Mine start with 769 (September 1995) – what about yours?

        By the way, “ah” has a point – my 1995 plates do not reveal that I moved to DC in 1993, but they do reveal that I registered my first DC car in 1995. Of course you knew I was going to tell you what it was: a white 1995 Ford F150 with no radio, a vinyl bench seat and a stick shift. We used to call it the “Think Tank” when we took it on road trips.

        • Man, even a conversation about license plates turns into a discussion of who is a real DC Native. Yes, my 756 plates prove my car is old or that I transferred the tags from my old car to my brand new car (the former unfortunately) but my whole point was to just mention that for someone with a possibly unhealthy license plate obsession, it is a useful way of determining who just cut you off.

          Personally my license plate obsession started by growing up next to Idaho where the county used to be identifiable by half-size letters and numbers on the left side of the tag. Unfortunately that is another great American tradition which has been done away with. I blame DC transplants.

      • the plate prefix has no meaning for length of residence. Some people transfer plates when buying a new car, but some people just get new plates, or add extra car(s). I had a car totalled and didn’t replace the for 6 months. It was easier to just get a new plate rather than keep my old plate with it’s lower prefix (it wasn’t a non-prefix one, but who really cares)

      • I’ve lived here longer than you and I dont care what you think of my license plates. Have a nice day. The biggest thing thats wrong with this city are all the transplants who come in here thinking that DC residency is this supreme badge of honor. The real locals dont need these subtle indicators of genuineness…

        • I agree – it’s just another (lovely) city. My dad is a 7th-gen native “Warshintonian” and thinks anyone living here is crazy (of course he lived through the upheaval of the 50’s/60’s/70’s).

          However, I love seeing the older plates. Hate the current 2-number/4-letter combo. Looks odd.

          If anyone went to the annual “yard sale” at the Mansion on O Street this past weekend, they could have bought a framed District license plate from the late 60’s (it had annual registration stickers stuck all over it, starting in 1969 and going up to 1983.).

  • Oh, and more on-topic, can I put a plug in for “tree maintenance request” over “tree removal request”? The tree in this photo looks like a beautiful, mature tree that has one dead limb. Probably should be kept going for a few more years.

    • ah

      D.trees should study it and make the appropriate trimming. They don’t just cut down a tree because of a dead branch. If anything, I’ve found the opposite–they do nothing even though the tree is plainly dead or dying.

    • There is no “Tree Maintenance” option on DC’s web site. You choose “Tree Removal” and then enter in the comments the specific issue and they will take care of the issue, not the entire tree.

  • i walked under that the other day and stood under it and inspected it for awhile.

    while holding a baby.

    it looked like one big rotting branch… pretty low. should be an easy fix.

  • Sweet way to reserve a parking spot…

  • There is a “Tree Pruning” option, which I just had to use for a broken branch on the tree in front of my house. Thanks for the reminder!

  • similar requests made here many times with no results.

  • I sent an email to Tommy Wells, who forwarded it to the relevant Ward 6 guy in DDOT (the agency which houses “Urban Forestry”). It pays to have a responsive councilmember.

  • There have been a lot of tree trimming projects in that area recently. I’m surprised they haven’t got to that block yet.

    And as an aside, I’ve seen DP #### plates around. Don’t know if they just skip DO #### or what…

  • You people judge based on how long someone has had their TAGS? That’s idiotic. I was born and raised here, but I didn’t buy a car here until sometime around 2003. I guess I’m “less” of a native.

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