PoP T-shirts Continue to Travel the Globe – South Africa and Botswana

“Dear PoP,

In the first I’m looking over the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. In the second, the preserve we were at bordered Botswana, so we jumped the fence and ran over to Botswana. We were only there for a few minutes, but I got a PoP T-shirt Travels the World pic while I was there. Then, we ran back across the dried up river and climbed the fence back to South Africa.”

I thought it’d be many years before we were able to check Botswana off the list. Nice!

Ed. Note: A reader has put together a map of t-shirt travels that is absolutely awesome. When I figure out how to upload it, I’ll post to the site.

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  • jumping illegally over botswana’s border allows you to cross it off your “been there” list?


  • And just imagine if you had got caught and detained you would have expected the US Gov to pay the costs to get you out. Another example of socializing the risk and greedily hording the benefits for yourself.

    OK, I am feeling a bit reactionary this morning.

  • Jeez louise. Some people will find a reason to bitch about anything (see above comments). Kudos for jumping the fence, having cojones, and getting PoP into Botswana. And btw – if they had been caught, they would not have needed the US Govt to get them out. Botswana is not the DPRK. It is a democratic republic to which the US has been the greatest supporter.

  • Loging from Turkey. And Greece in 3 days. No pop shirt to show off.

  • Borders, schmorders. I just really like the second photo,

  • Where can I get my PoP shirt?

    Planning a big international trip for next year (not sure where yet – any nominations???) and want to sport the shirt.

  • I could have gotten you into Rwanda, but didn’t have a shirt! Oh well. Maybe I’ll get one before the next international trip.

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