Petworth’s New Subway Restaurant Opens Tues. Morning!

The folks from Subway send the good word (and photos):

“I am very please to tell you that we are finally opening the Petworth Subway Tuesday morning (Sept. 28) at 7am. The hours of operation will be Monday – Friday 7am – 10pm, Sat. 8am – 10pm and Sun. 9am -10pm.”

The inside is looking good. It is located on Georgia Ave, NW above the Petworth metro (next to Sala Thai.)

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  • Woo-hoo! All new Petworth eateries are welcome.

  • Cool! Open for breakfast too

  • This is qualifies as “big news” for the area is kind of sad.

    • who said it was “big news?” it’s relevant to the neighborhood.

      • And thus PoP’s “giddy as a schoolgirl” exclamation point over the arrival of a glorified mcdonalds.

        • Better looking inside than most McDonalds I have been to. And I’ll wager that as fast food goes, it’s waaaay healthier than the current crop of bullet proof takeout options in the area.
          Not sure what businesses people expect to be opening in this area but it seems to me you have to crawl before you can walk. It’s a bit unrealistic to expect things to go from zero to DCUSA overnight.

  • Damn you! I meant “That this qualifies. . . “

  • A tiny person in a Subman costume was staggering towards me at the Petworth metro just now…a fuzzy sandwich with googly eyes. I think he was bearing coupons, but I got scared.

  • I can’t get excited about this. The smell of Subway’s baking bread makes me nauseated whenever I pass by. And yet, like other things I do for no good reason, I occasionally eat there and inevitably feel ill afterward. I’d rather see a local sub shop instead of a fast food franchise.

    • Please. The local thing is so overdone. Geprgia avenue has no shortage of local sub/pizza/China/cheesesteak/chicken outlets. Granted, is you said Taylor instead of generic local sub shop, I’d be right there with you. But in Petworth, locally owned doesn’t translate into inetersting.

    • I have the same reaction to Subway, the smell is very distinctive and slightly nausiating to me. Weirdly (or not), on the off chance that I actually do go there, the food is generally ok, though nothing great. But the smell is so off putting that Subway is always an establishment of last resort to me.

  • While not the greatest (or near to it) sub shop in the District the convenience factor for me is huge. I live near by and will occasionally pick up a sub when I don’t feel like making a sandwich. Also, for those complaining about the smell, just hold your breath until you get outside and breathe in the deliciousness that is Mango Cafe.

  • What’s the story with Park Place Cafe (if I’m getting the name right)? The one that’s going in at the other end from Subway? Sign have been up in the windows reading “coming soon” for what seems like years now. I haven’t seen a whole lot of movement on the inside, though.


  • Hurray! We intend to be regular devoted customers.

    As for the restaurants that serve – sub/pizza/China/cheesesteak/ and chicken, well that is nausiating to me.

    Offer everything, specialize in nothing – kind of creepy.

  • Stop whinging people. If you are too good for chain places, or just dont like subway then cool, go wherever you prefer to eat and well walk a few blocks go to Giant or Yes organic and try cooking!

    For those of you that object to subway because of the smell… walk two blocks south to Otis and Georgia to the Seafood place. Thats our current local alternative to food places.
    So yeah im pleased to have subway open , its better than empty storefronts. Not every place in DC can be organic, local and independent.

  • Subway has one of the most consistently stable and duplicable operations out there, which is exactly what the location needs. having a subway will not exclude a real deli/sub shop with fresh meats and cheeses from opening up down the line if someone thinks they can make money at petworth/parkview location.

  • it would be great news, except Subway is gross. A couple of times a year I walk into one, and every item you can chose from to put in your sandwich looks plasticky and flavorless.

    I second the question about Park Place Cafe!

  • I’ll take it over an empty storefront.

  • I am so happy subway is in the area!!! I will be a frequent customer. Now if only we could get an improvement to the safeway, I would be on cloud 9!!

  • compared to the other fast food places, Subway is much healthier – depending on what you order of course.
    It’s really not that bad for the price. It serves its purpose. Now if we could only get them to drizzle a bit of that mumbo sauce on their subs…mmmm.

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