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  • Pesto has not finish english class

  • Funny goodbye note aside… I’m sad to see them go. The food was great but really it was the quiet, unpretentious, feel of the place that was the draw for me. Hope something equally as homey goes into the space.

  • I think an independent coffee shop would be a great fit here. The location is surrounded by residential property so a great little coffee shop would be perfect.

  • Definitely would be a great home for a used bookstore, vegan marzipan shop, or specialty pet store.

  • This place closed down 6 months ago.

  • I agree that a coffee shop would be ideal – I live right around the corner and would go there all the time.

  • I’m guessing the location is a problem. Those blocks of Connecticut are almost exclusively residential with a few small offices sprinkled in.In other words, not a big dinner/nightlife destination. Without doing something to either really stand out among restaurants of your type, it must be difficult to survive at that location.

  • Pesto closed a long time ago–maybe Christmas last year. The reason: RENT TO HIGH. He tried to look around Cleveland Park, but the owner, who is Italian, is taking time off and relaxing. You can find him mostly on Sunday mornings up at Maret School playing soccer.

  • This place was always deserted when I went by, ditto for the fusty Mrs. Simpson’s that was there before…looked like a Venus fly trap for old people.
    Thinking something that would attract business with good reviews, word of mouth, etc. from the out-of-towners at nearby hotels might work. Or an inexpensive all day menu to feed the coddled masses of rich and elderly apartment dwellers that pass by that location twice a day.

  • Hopefully the lease for Alero will end some day soon.

  • I think they should open a gun store/tie shop.

  • I had my birthday there several years ago, but agree it was a bit out-of-the-way for many of my friends (though the food was good).

    Picking up on Petworthian’s idea, maybe this would be a good spot for a Fio’s type place (the restaurant that used to be in the Woodner), tailored to the discerning local apartment dweller crowd.

  • that area is incredibly boring, being in the bowels of cleveland park. It’s hard to imagine anything interesting ever happening there.

    Even worse is that string of restaurants to the south of that location. Lebanese Taverna is decent but then there’s nothing but boring, overpriced rubbish there.

    It boggles my mind because clearly that area is well populated and well off and everything on that tiny strip is sub-par – aside from Chipotle. Open City is a decent spot but if that’s the best thing that an area has going for it, then there clearly needs to be something to change things.

    I don’t know. I lived in that area for a year and I wanted to jam a screwdriver into my eye. The bars are boring, the restaurants decent but nothing special, and the scene incredibly vanilla (literally and figuratively. It’s like parts of Arlington but with worse food and higher taxes.

    • Oh, and the people are usually self-entitled, unfriendly, and probably suffer from various types of make-believe, Bourgeois disorders. For the year that I lived there, I never met a single person in the neighborhood, exchanged in cordial greetings, and wanted to move the hell out of DC.

      After moving, I met everyone on my block within a few weeks. There’s little, if any pretension, and the people aren’t horrible to be around. Down with the CP and WP.

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