Old Mario’s Pizza Space on Georgia Ave. Becoming a West Indian Take Out

“Dear PoP,

It seems as though there have been people working inside of the Mario’s Pizza place on the corner of Georgia and Princeton, across from Looking Glass Lounge. Have you heard anything about it?”

I stopped by Wed. afternoon and learned that it is going to become a West Indian Take Out place called ‘The Lion’s Den’. They hope to open sometime next week. I’ll be sure to update when an opening date is confirmed.

Mario’s Pizza was last home to First Time Computers at 3519 Georgia Ave, NW over 2 years ago.

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  • I was extremely bummed when Mario’s left. Glad to see the space will be put to good use.
    Seems like SoGa (South (of the Metro) Georgia Ave) is the destination spot for West Indian restaurants. This is the third one I can think of.

  • Didn’t love Mario’s pizza. Excited to see a new restaurant going in there. Wish we had more deliverables though! The fact that I can get Sushi delivered to my door (Thanks Tara Asia) is the sexiest thing ever! More of that! I’ll never have to leave home again! Bwah hahahahaha!

  • For a second I thought we were getting Indian food. I would be more excited for Indian takeout than more West Indian. We already have Sweet Mango, Rita’s West Indian, and Jam Down within like 3 blocks of here.

  • Pointless. I doubt it’d be any better than Ritas. It should be a spanish tapas spot with a selective client base.

  • if you wanted good indian food del/take out chcek out fusion 4815 georgia ave + great happy hour.fusionrnb.com

    • while i don’t deny that fusion’s food is very good, their prices are very expensive. i’d even say exorbitant considering their location. i’m not sure why indian food is generally all white tablecloth and costs so much in DC. i miss the $4 styrofoam box stuff i used to get in college in pittsburgh…which was on par with their $16 tikka masala.

  • will i dine there and always get great service,nice table ware not STYROFOAM BOX so you have to consider all these plates and glasses cost money,and fusion is not a carry out joint like rita or sweetmango it’s a nice restaurant and great food.

  • And while we’re on the subject of past occupants of Marios Pizza (R.I.P.), why not throw in another plug for First Time computers! They refurbish old computers and laptops for lower income students and families. I brought five computers (both mine and some from work) over the two years they occupied Marios’. Super convenient and tax deductible to boot. They’re now over at 3101 12th Street NE in Brookland. 202-722-2822

    First Time Computers needs:
    1. Donated desktops and laptop Computers
    2. Related computer equipment [e.g., networking items including wireless gear]
    3. Computer desks and chairs [smaller sizes, to fit in crowded or tight spaces].
    4. Training Center gear, including a good projector, a digital whiteboard, and a large wall-mountable flat panel monitor. [For details, see “Donating Computer Equipment.”]

    For the Organization:
    1. A Van
    2. Volunteers
    3. And an un-ending need: financial support

    If you can provide any of these, or help out with them, please contact them http://www.firsttimecomputers.org/contact.asp

    Meanwhile, I look forward to trying out West Indian take out!

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