North Columbia Heights Green Taking Shape

I’ve been getting a few emails from folks about the development in the alley behind 11th St, NW b/w Lamont and Park. This is the North Columbia Heights Green that we spoke about a while ago. It has really progressed nicely. The Washington Parks folks write:

“After extensive challenges with dumping, engineering, permits, and debris removal, the North Columbia Heights Green project is now at last completing Phase II, with new grading and fencing now all in place. Now comes the fun part– installing the gardens and site furnishings! We have an exciting Fall ahead toward the implementation of our sustainable Green for the community.”

Also some parking spots were added:

And the future green space has been defined:

This is an amazing improvement! More details and a rendering after the jump.

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  • This is definitely a neat development. We checked out the condos associated with it (on Sherman) this weekend and this space was by far the best part.

    The condos themselves looked like they were thrown together – uneven landings, poorly cut floors, windows with the casing already starting to crack.

    I’m glad the developer handed this parcel of land over to Parks & People rather than trying to do it themselves!

  • I can’t find any info on their website on signing up for community garden plots. Anyone know how they will be allocated or if they already have been?

  • who can park there?

  • We’re staying in the “associated” condos (the ones with the uneven landings and cracked windows – boy did we get ripped off!) and from what I’ve seen, I don’t think this will technically be a community garden (a la Ft. Dupont Park, where people can grow their own plants/veggies). Rather – from what I understand, at least – it’ll be a community green space, and local volunteers will help maintain the gardens.

    Course I could be wrong, in which case this comment has been a total waste of time.

  • PS. The parking is currently “No Parking” for anyone, meaning I think only people actually working on the park itself are supposed to use the spots. Eventually I think they’re supposed to be zoned the same as the surrounding area, and we’re also hearing rumors that one spot will be saved for Zip Car.

  • I’m stoked about the zipcar! That’s so close to me and I use zipcar all the time.

  • I just moved into the new Drew condos on Sherman and my place overlooks this green (which might seem to have uneven landings because the original building was built almost a hundred years ago- but which has been reinforced through a total renovation and has passed all inspections with flying colors!). It has come so far just since I moved in over a month ago. We are really excited to see it take off!
    They are looking for people and groups who want to plant fall and winter crops right now. I would just use the contact form on the Washington Parks and People site to learn more about community plots or give them a call. They will also use the garden for “green training” throughout the fall.
    Also, the rumor is that several of the parking spots will be for Zipcars.

  • Weren’t those condos a building where all the former occupants stuff was just dumped out on the street? I seem to remember a post about that here on PoP… So, um, yay for eviction!

  • Katie — welcome to the Sherman area! I couldn’t tell if anyone were living in the Drew yet.

    Can’t wait to have trees lining that part of Sherman

  • How do we get something like this in our alley?

  • Having previously live at 1019 Lamont for several years, I’m flabbergasted and amazed. That’s brilliant. I remember the rats, the trash, the accidents, and the general nightmare that was back there. To see gardens, flat parking, with the possibility of Zipcar blows my world. WOW!

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