New Taylor Gourmet Deli Opens in Bethesda Today

Photo courtesy of Taylor Gourmet

Building on the success of their H St, NE and Mt. Vernon Square locations, Taylor Gourmet is looking to see if their success will travel to Bethesda. The shop opens today at 11am at 7280 Woodmont Avenue.

Given their success I’m sure this won’t be my last announcement of a new Taylor Gourmet, I’m crossing my fingers for a U St, NW location one day! I just hope, eventually, I fall within their delivery borders

Photo courtesy of Taylor Gourmet

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  • Why are you hoping for a U street location? Why not in friggin Petworth?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, don’t be ridiculous of course I would lose my mind in joy if they opened one in Petworth. I’m just trying to be realistic and think that it is more likely they’ll open one around U St first. Hopefully in Petworth one day as well!

      • Columbia Heights or Adams Morgan would make a lot of sense for them too

      • U Street is already oversaturated with similar establishments. CH has its share of places too. In Petworth they would have a virtual monopoly on awesome sandwich places. And cheaper rent. On a related note – did you also see that a new soul food place is opening in the old Ainsworth and Alexander spot near El Limeno?

  • Their sandwiches rock! I went to the one on H Street a couple of months ago, and I’m still not over it. Though there is one in Mt. Vernon territory.

  • Happy to see them getting so much success. I really, really want to like their sandwiches, but I’ve been twice and I’m not getting it.

  • Me neither ^^^^.

    As someone who has tasted authentic Philly and NYC delis, they just don’t cut it.

    • To paraphrase PT Barnum, you’ll never go broke overestimating Washingtonians’ food insecurity. I doubt a single restaurant of regional theme has opened in DC without someone calling it inauthentic, as though that were the final word on the topic. “Authenticity” is a made-up concept used almost exclusively to sell things to people, and is essentially devoid of meaning. There’s no archetypal Philly sandwich (ur-wich, if you will), and even if there was, it wouldn’t matter because a sandwich should be judged on how it tastes. And Taylor’s sandwiches taste absolutely fucking amazing.

  • Are they still schlepping in bread from Philly instead of supporting local bakeries?

    Not to say it’s not tasty, just that it gets rather chewy by the evening.

  • shitty bread. bad business model. i live in city vista and one day they couldnt get bread delivered and had to shut down. how can they only offer one kind of shitty bread. tastes like you are chewing on denim. delicious meats. shitty bread.

  • if you want a good sandwich in bethesda, go to cornucopia. i’ll probably try this place since i live two blocks away, but i can’t see what’s good about bread being trucked in from another state….

  • It’s Bethesda, who cares?

  • Sunday, 9/5/10, 6 PM. Sign in window of Taylor Deli of Bethesda on the 3rd day after opening. “Ran out of bread”.
    The suggestion was made to the manager…”go to the market on the next block, ….put up a sign saying “we ran out of our great bread and will be selling all sandwich’s at half price with local bread”.
    Why turn business away?…..
    Also the menu sign inside is not readable.
    The owners of this place need a lot of FREE help from http://WWW.SCORE.ORG

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