New French Restaurant coming to 5010 Connecticut Ave, NW

The new restaurant, Terasol, will be located in the former Dahn Yoga Studio (across the street from Politics and Prose bookstore) at 5010 Connecticut Ave, NW. According to the liquor license application this will be an:

“Authentic French Cuisine for all ages with a seating capacity of 55 for patrons and a total occupancy load of 70. Request a sidewalk café with a seating capacity for 15 patrons and entertainment endorsement with live band, jazz, and classical music.”

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  • Very exciting to see this! My husband and I are friends with the owners (and we didn’t send in this announcement so I’m happily surprised to see it up on PoP!). Previously Terasol was a gallery, selling pottery and other crafts…now they are expanding to a new location to open a cafe along with the gallery. You can find more info, mainly about the gallery, on their website

  • Nice addition to that block… plus dahn yoga is super shady so im actually glad to see them replaced!

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