New Brookland Mural on 12th St, NE Looking Good

Brookland’s new mural is really progressing nicely. When a reader first sent word, I had no idea it was this gigantic.

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  • Uh, what exactly is this mural depicting?

  • Jay –

    The working people of the world basking in the (apparently magnetic) sunlight of socialism while The Man stares on disapprovingly from the bleak doorway of the tenement he refuses to maintain properly?

    Either that or a advert for headache pills.

    My question is, is there only one mural painter in this entire city? Even Diego Rivera had less wall space then this artist.

  • Variety please!

    Seriously. This falls firmly in the category of the “urban mural genre,” to the point where it is pretty much interchangeable with scores of other murals that can be found in plenty of other cities all over the country. Was there no arts committee to look at this proposed design who could say, “nice, but we’ve seen this 1000 times before. Get back to us when you have something creative.”

  • And does anyone else find these people kind of scary looking? Especially now that they are everywhere.

  • agreed, this mural say nothing about Brookland. boring. odd. I don’t think it adds to Brookland’s main street.

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