Navy Yard Metro Stop Potential Name Change

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Thanks to a reader for sending this little blurb from JDLand:

“First, the commission voted 4-1 to support a request from the Capitol Riverfront BID to add a couple of additional monikers to the Navy Yard Metro station name. However, while the BID wants the name to be changed to some version of “Capitol Riverfront/Ballpark/Navy Yard”, the commission’s support was apparently only if “Capitol Riverfront” is not the first part of the new name.”

Normally I don’t support too many additions but this makes a lot of sense to me. I always thought adding ballpark or Nationals Stadium would be helpful. And now with the addition of Yards Park it seems to warrant a Capitol Riverfront or Yards Park addition. Do you think either of these additions would be helpful?

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  • The geniuses at GGW have already spoken on this issue, there shall be no further debate.

  • I think CW/NP/NY is fine.

  • Plain, unvarnished “Navy Yard” is elegant and unmistakable. The proposed inflations are neither. Enough said.

    • Navy Yard does not cover the main reason that a large number of people (particularly people unfamiliar with that part of town) I see riding the metro are getting off at that station.

      The addition of Nationals Park (or if they don’t want to change names if they wind up selling rights later, Baseball Stadium) is critical. I’ve encountered a *lot* of confused tourists who see Stadium as a station name and assume that’s where they should be going. It needs clarification.

  • simply Navy Yard.
    i hate elongated names.

    • I totally agree. It keeps the history of the neighborhood and reminds people of what it used to be. No need to have 8 slashes in a name. I love that the Tube has some of the best names for stations – sadly the only good ones we have are Foggy Bottom and Shady Grove (could a grove not be shady?).

  • I can see adding Ballpark, but Capitol Riverfront is way too close to the previous stop north and would just add way more confusion

  • I presume the Capitol Riverfront BID will pay for all the expenses of changing the name.

    I’m not really keen on the change. But if it is going to happen as far as I’m concerned the ANC doesn’t deserve the right to dictate the sequence of the naming.

  • Yeah, Capital Riverfront shouldn’t be added because it will cause confusion with the Waterfront stop. Navy Yard-Ballpark would be sufficient.

    I’m pretty much against any of these name changes, as making the names longer benefits nobody in the long run. However, if they’re going to make a change here, they need to get together all the proposed name changes/additions around the system (like adding Mt. Pleasant to the Columbia Heights station name, for example,) and do it all at once.

  • no on adding more names to the metro station – just listen to the U Street announcer – U Street/African American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo or New York Avenue/ Florida Avenue/Gallaudet University – totally nuts getting a littel too crowded just like the National Mall! STOP IT!

  • saf

    I say we revert to the original restrictions – 15 letter limit. Just put a single name on the stations and leave it alone.

    • ah

      Agree. If Navy Yard’s no good, change it to something else. But enough with the Fessenden Street/Japanese-American Internment Memorial/Glover Park station names.

  • In NYC all the subway stops are named after the streets at which they stop. I don’t think you need to keep adding the names of attractions or landmarks to a name. I do like that DC names its stops by the neighborhood, but adding on the other stuff I find excessive.

    • Well, that’s because of the way the NYC subway system is set up–more gridlike than the DC system–but I agree in principle that Metro station naming conventions are getting way out of hand. Every Metro station I’ve been in has a guide as to what is near a particular station. One can also go online and see what station is nearest the destination.

      Enough with the excessively long names. Please.

  • Navy Yard-Nationals Stadium.
    All aboard.

  • The stops should be simply named and unambiguously.
    Federal Center and Federal Triangle are 2 names that should not exist in the same system.
    Also, there is no need to make part of the name of a station every attraction accessible to that station.
    I work at the Library of Congress and I could just think of what Capitol South could look like by adding LOC and the House Office buildings to the name. While we’re at it let’s remove Reagan from National Airport.
    Good times.

    • Congress threatened to remove Metro funding if the system didn’t redo its signs to include “Reagan” before National’s name. From Wikipedia:

      The station retained its original name after the airport was renamed in 1998 after former President Ronald Reagan. In early 2001, a letter signed by 24 members of Congress requested WMATA rename the station to conform. However, according to a Metro policy adopted in 1987, groups seeking to rename a station were required to pay the cost of replacing signs and maps. The Arlington County government, which could have made the change, demurred—the price was estimated at $400,000—and WMATA subsequently declined to rename the station on April 19, 2001.[7] In response, Republican Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia threatened to withhold federal funding from the agency unless the station was renamed.[7] Congress ultimately voted to require the renaming on November 30. According to then-General Manager Richard A. White, Metro paid to complete the renaming.[8]

      During the 2003-2004 renovation of the station, new signage was installed. Similar signage can be found at the Gallery Place-Chinatown, New York Avenue, Morgan Boulevard, and Largo Town Center stations.

      • And I am still incredibly sore about THAT. I think they should have made Bob Barr fork over the $400K, but it was incorporated into adding the New York Avenue/three million other names station when it opened up.

  • I’ll jump on the shorter-is-better bandwagon/metrotrain. They should remove “SEU” from the adjacent station’s name (Waterfront-SEU) – as someone on GGW pointed out that SEU doesn’t exist anymore. Noting that the ballpark is located there is probably unnecessary, as most people who take metro to the games have probably figured that out by now. Also, if they added ‘Nationals Park,’ to the name, I’m sure DC would soon thereafter decide to sell the naming rights to the stadium to raise revenue, resulting in the need for a whole new station name change.

  • I think all stations should be named with a letter and a digit based on the line color and the location of the station on the line. E.g. Largo Town Center would be “B1” and Eastern Market will be “B8,O8”. Etc. etc.

    “How do I get from Dupont Circle to Chinatown?”
    “Take the metro to R12.”

  • I live in the neighborhood, so it would be nice to have some signage. Sad as it may be, metro signs are an easy way to tell people (especially those from the suburbs) where you live, and navy yard as a neighborhood name just doesn’t so it justice. That being said, I’d be cool with something a little shorter than ‘navy yard/ nationals park/ Capitol riverfront.’ perhaps ‘Navy Yard/ Ballpark / Riverfront?’ Ballpark as a term almost exclusivley refers to baseball, and it avoids having to change the signage again when the stadium naming rights are eventually sold to Northrop Grumman or whoever.

  • shouldn’t the sign also say Navy Yard/ Transportation Dept./DMV/Ballpark/395 on ramp/295 off ramp/Five Guys

    • in addition to: DC Spay/Neuter Clinic/Anacostia River/Homeless Guy on the Corner/Marine Corps Institute/2nd St SE/3rd St SE/4th St SE/M St SE/L St SE/Gum on Sidewalk, etc. etc.

    • Isn’t there also an elementary school, a hotel, and a District government building down there as well that can be added as well.

      Seriously this naming shit is getting silly.

    • ah

      These days every station should say Five Guys.

  • No, no, no. If a person riding Metro can’t figure out beforehand that the ballpark is at Navy Yard station, that Yards Park is at Navy Yard station, that Dept. of Transportation is at Navy Yard station, etc, etc, then that person should not be riding the Metro in the first place.
    I said Good Day!

  • binpetworth

    My only real concern is how much this whole signage changing costs. If Metro wasn’t seriously in the hole it is in now, fine, change it to whatever you like. But really can we justify changing all the signs in the system just because someone wants to ensure the Nats Park and Riverfront get proper recognition (as if you couldn’t find the stadium anyway with the sea of red shirts getting off there on game day!)?

    • ah

      Maybe they should just change all signage to digital/LED signs. Then we could have real-time station name changes. Every presidential election we could easily switch back and forth between Reagan Airport and National Airport.

  • Actually, people do get confused. I saw a girl wandering around RFK looking for the baseball stadium.

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