More Progress at 3418 11th St, NW Next to Columbia Heights Coffee

It’s wild how nice the outside looks now from just a couple weeks ago. Here’s what it looked like on Sept. 9th. So I’ve also found out a few more details. I believe the architect is Gronning Architects and they’ve worked on Commonwealth, Cork Wine Bar, Cork Market, Palena, Pizzeria Paradiso, and Hank’s among others. I’m hearing that they are shooting to open up in Jan. and will have a well known chef. Painfully few details. I just wanna know what type of restaurant it’s gonna be! More details as they become available.

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  • I hear a Pollo Campero will open in this space in late November. Can’t wait.

  • Very exciting news.

  • Huge improvement, yahoo, and well done! I hope the interior construction proceeds in an equally expeditious manner.

    In terms of food, I know the original plan was some type of latin cuisine, but here’s some advice: pick ANYTHING else. 11th street’s small handful of eateries already includes THREE mexican / el salvadoran restaurants (counting the future place next to Arthur’s) and of course there are a tons of others within a ten minute walk. What DON’T we have? A place that makes simple, fresh, high-quality pasta dishes. A sushi spot. An Indian place. A seafood place. A little french / belgian bistro type spot. Among other things. Or if they DO something latin-tinged, how about a Spanish tapas place, which, again, is not something we have nearby. The point is, do something DIFFERENT to stand out!

  • I am a fan of this architecture firm. They design some beautiful spaces!

  • a basic deli would be great, though it seems like (with the exception of ch coffee) you have to be 50% bar to make your money on 11th st. beer and fun are great, but i’d love to see more non-social outing places. as things move in across the street, a solid barbershop, doctor’s office, accountant, whatever would be good additions.

  • There are two hairdressers already on 11th Street, although I can’t say I’ve been to either. But they are there. As always, the problem with things like offices is the lack of daytime foot traffic in the area, especially compared to the nearby denser commercial corridors on Georgia Ave. and 14th. But the space above Meridian Pint seems ideal for some sort of office space — I just imagine the rent they are asking it too steep.

    • don’t offices function less by passerby foot traffic than do restaurants? a new barbershop, yeah, i hear you, needs foot traffic, but not a doctor or whatever else. occupied storefronts are better than empties, but i just feel like bars and bars and bars isn’t ideal.

      btw, the latin barbershop on park btwn hiatt and 14th works for me. as a guy, i, too, haven’t tried the hairdressers on 11th.

  • We need a closer liquor store.

  • Not to start a rumor, but wasn’t Cashion’s owner looking to start something on 11th?

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