Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 309 Maryland Avenue, NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Cozy and bright one-bedroom apartment ideally located just steps from the Senate, Restaurant Row, Union Station, Stanton Park and the METRO! Includes wall-to-wall carpets, washer/dryer, air conditioning and lots of natural light. Cats allowed. No smoking. Tenants pay $10 per month for cooking gas plus electric.”

Does $1395 sound reasonable for a cozy 1 bedroom at this location?

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  • For a one bedroom in that location, that’s quite reasonable. One possible downside is the size of the place though, since “cozy” means “very small” in realtor-speak.

  • Cozy = Tiny. Tiny BR, Tiny Kitchen, Tiny Tiny. I’ve seen much better places in that area for the same price or just a bit more.

  • At first I thought, scam! but OMG that kitchen is hilarious! I have cutting boards bigger than that counter. Great location for a hill staffer who will never, ever cook at home.

  • OMG. Claustrophobia kitchen. Of bigger concern is the combo of ‘wall to wall carpets’ and ‘cats allowed’. Disgusting.

    • Not all cats piss on carpets. Hairballs and the inevitable “I ate too much and now must puke on the carpet” syndrome, probably an issue. The person from whom I bought my house had basement wall-to-wall, and the place reeked of cat piss.

  • This will do for the urban bachelor until such time as he domesticates.

  • “Avail aug 1” – I’m guessing not a good deal if they haven’t been able to find a tenant yet.

  • Cozy – not. Tiny! Bright – not. Dark, depressing!

  • You know, if “lots of natural light” is one of the apartment’s assets they shouldn’t have taken pictures of it at night.

  • And that bathroom is just disgusting. I prefer hardwood floors because if Gaia forbid my cat gaks, it’s easier to clean.

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