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  • It’s a little steep, considering how rough that part of Adams Morgan remains.

  • The appeal of having an Adams Morgan address wears off after you find out how much crime there is in that area of Adams Morgan.

  • I’m trying to think which building this might be in. That corner has 2 loft condo buildings, an empty Harris Teeter store front, and a few houses.

    I live on this block and I don’t think it is *that* rough. 17th and Euclid vs. 17th and Kalorama are completely different!

  • Wide angle photography = itsy bitsy apt.

  • If you think 17th and Kalorama is dangerous you really, really need to move to Fairfax. Yes, there are more crimes within a given radius from that corner than any given block in Logan or whatever because there are so many crimes of opportunity against the late night bridge and circle crowd. But if you actually think that corner is dangerous I want to know where in ward 1 you think is safe.

  • The thieving scum wouldn’t bother me nearly as much (and as regularly) as the sound of idling and backing up trucks into the HT at 8 AM.

    • That’s a full block away, this place is on the 2300 block.

      • Nope, schweeney is right — the HT trucks back-up and block the bottom part of the one-day 17th Street at all hours of the day (although, I usually seem them barreling down Kalorama in the early evenings rather than early AM)

        • Look at the pictures — the circular part of the big condo building next door is outside the window of this place, which puts it on the 2300 block (south of Kalorama). The Teeter loading dock is on the 2400 block.

          Also, never ceases to amaze me how people want grocery stores in their neighborhoods but want the goods to appear on the shelves magically without any trucks involved.

  • i lived at 17th and kalorama may 2009-may 2010 and loved it, very convenient. although, i paid 2100 for a two level, two bedroom apartment with a skylight in the bathroom and a sizeable backyard, so i’m inclined to say this is overpriced.

  • Yes. Steep. Too steep.

  • 1 BRs on 18th & Belmont go for $1800, but no deck and not furnished. Depends on what the furnishings are like in order to say if this is too steep. Furnished apts aren’t all that common and people usually sign shorter leases.

    And yeah, if you think that part of DC is dangerous, lol. I don’t know what to say. It’s well lit and cops roll up in that area a couple times an hour. 4am on a Saturday night maybe, but otherwise no, it isn’t dangerous.

  • It’s a touch more dangerous than Kalorama Triangle…as a former AM resident I still don’t like walking through that area at night, but the price is good for a FURNISHED one bedroom with a deck in that neighborhood. I know someone who is getting WAY more for a slightly larger furnished one bedroom in Mount Pleasant. I’m guessing this one is about 650 square feet, not much space for a dining room so you’ll be eating at the kitchen counter or on your coffee table all the time. No fireplace, parking or pets either, or else they would have featured that in the ad. Fine for a carless contractor for one year.

  • I used to live in this building. Yes, it’s small but has a washer/dryer, DW and central air. You can’t hear any noise from the HT – this place is around the corner on the 2300 block of 17th. The owner is a good guy too. You could certainly do a lot worse around here.

  • I’m about to move to 17th and Kalorama…I’m currently in the U Street, Vermont Ave. Area (in view of the 930 club) and I walk home from school in the Dupont area at night…the area can be sketchy that’s for sure, but I was wondering how does the 17th and Kalorama area compare to my current area at night…are cabs in my future?

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