Last ‘Dear PoP’ about Campaign Signs Until the Next Election

Photo by PoPville flickr user Sankofa Beads

“Dear PoP,

While walking back up New Hampshire Ave towards Petworth, I noticed many sporadically placed campaign signs stuck into the newly grassed median strip. This median, I assume, is public land. This being the case, is it legal in DC or any other places within the US to place a sign endorsing a candidate on public land. This seems to present an inherent conflict of interest, and can probably be likened to a ban on religious displays on public lands. Are there any lawyers out there who might be able to answer this? Some of those signs are such eye-sores.”

This is a very interesting question. According to DC Board of Elections and Ethics:

“The placement of campaign signs, posters, and placards on public property is allowed, however, a candidate must seek a proper permit from the District Department of Transportation Public Space Office.”

They also say:

“A sign, advertisement, or poster related to a specific event may be affixed any time prior to the event but shall be removed no later than thirty (30) days following the event to which it is related.”

It’ll be interesting to see how many are removed by Oct. 14th…

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  • “It’ll be interesting to see how many are removed by Oct. 14th…”

    There should be contest to see how long it takes for the signs to be removed, who removes them first, and who doesn’t remove them at all.

  • That should be Oct. 14th only for the defeated primary candidates, of course. The victors will still be candidates in the general election.

  • But Taylor’s right that the signs say “for Mayor” not for “Democratic nomination for Mayor” so they can probably stay up through early December.

  • Vincent Orange asks, ” October 14th of what year? 2013?”

  • Dear Gray Supporters,

    When removing the Vince Gray sign from your front yard, please consider doing some yard work. Home Depot sells a device called a “lawn mower”, as well as implements for “weeding”…

    While there, be sure to visit the “exterior house paint” section.

    Thank you.

  • the only thing i know about this election is that i don’t want vincent orange or delano hunter to win.

    everyone else i’m on the fence with.

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