Judging Restaurants – Jimmy T’s Place

Jimmy T’s Place is located at 501 E Capitol St, SE. It’s easy to walk by because there isn’t a prominent sign but you will always notice that there are lot of patrons. Nichole is a fan. Anyone else a big fan? If so – what are the must order items?

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  • Great breakfast, super friendly staff (unusual for DC, IMO). My brother is a saturday fixture there.

  • I grew up at 3rd and A st NE. Used to walk over there with my family almost every other weekend. Good memories, great breakfast.

  • Used to frequent the place when I lived up there .. just great. Cozy(tight) seating, hot coffee, people are super-nice. They really care: true story, after a night of imbibing I went in there to satisfy a bacon craving … thick, peppered bacon they get from Eastern Market. After 4 orders, the lady behind the counter cut me off. Yep, cut off. Like a frat boy at last call. I know she was just looking out for me 🙂

  • great spot–there are too few of these types of authentic neighborhood greasy spoons in DC. the help can get a little surly at times, but that’s part of the charm. the grillwoman/owner makes a mean breakfast.

  • I like Jimmy T’s because it diverts eastern Hill residents away from Pete’s Diner.

  • My husband and I love this place! We come for Saturday morning breakfast and read the paper together. Once I didn’t have cash (it’s cash and check only) and the waitress said I could just come back later and pay. “But,” she added, deadpan, “we know a lot of cops.” I paid. And yes, I love this place.

  • As a DC resident for 17 years, many of those spent living on the hill, Iused to go there somewhat frequently. I havent been there in at least a year, but I could walk in there tomorrow and they would recognize me. For that reason alone, and maybe the shakes i’ll keep going back.

  • I used to go there almost every weekend when I lived just down the street at the Saratoga. I’m not sure I ever ordered anything but the biscuits and gravy. Fantastic place. I wish we had one in Petworth.

    • saf

      We used to – but Goins has been close a long time now.

      So how about that new place that PoP posted about the other day, up by the Soldiers Home?

  • The breakfast is kicking it. I’d kill for their orange creamsicle shake.

  • Bear

    I love Jimmy T’s. Their sausage gravy is delish.

  • It’s the kind of place that exists everywhere else but in dc.
    So it’s cool for that.

  • get their milkshakes!!

  • They have SCRAPPLE! A resounding chime to a southern’s heart.

  • Love this place. One of the biggest reasons I miss living on the Hill

  • It sucks. Don’t go….

    … you’ll cause a longer wait for me.

  • Jimmy T’s. Sigh. I never even bother on weekends anymore, but it’s such a great place to go on a weekday to grab a grilled cheese or my favorite, an egg, cheese, bacon and tomato sandwich on wheat toast. One time when I ordered the latter, the waiter said, “Oh, sure. A Pregnant Lady Special.” I was not pregnant. But apparently it’s a favorite of the reproducing set. Also, their collection of A Christmas Story memorabilia is excellent.

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