Judging Restaurants – Dancing Crab

The Dancing Crab is located at 4611 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Their Web site says:

“The Dancing Crab, a Washington Institution for over twenty years is family owned and operated. Serving the finest Hard Shell crabs from Maryland and Louisiana (when the big ones are not available in Maryland) for more than 35 years and located on the same corner! Known for the many famous visitors, this is the only true Maryland Style Crabhouse in Washington DC.

Come see the new The Dancing Crab space! We moved just next door!”

You can see their menu here. Anyone try out the new space?

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  • It was great when they had the Malt Shop upstairs, one of the last good dive bars in DC. Practically lived there during grad school. I won’t go back since they axed it.

    • Me, too! I am SO SAD they closed that Malt Shop. Also, that was years ago – they “just” moved to that space in like 2005

  • best crabs in town. great service. one of my favorite spots in dc.

  • Unless they’ve moved again the “We moved just next door!” is at least 2 (if not more) years old. Like Anonymous, for me the Malt Shop was a huge hang out in my 20s. Great history (old school Redskins hang out), atmosphere (dive) and characters (ahhh the beloved Rose the waitress, Mole/Moe the former golden gloves champion….). Personally not much appeal to the “next door” location.

    As for the food…crabs are pretty good, atmosphere ok.

  • They’ve been next door for a while now, maybe 4-5 years.

  • I laugh to hear “moved next door” because on the other side is that antenna tower farm with a variety of transmission structures…very atmospheric!

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