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  • Awesome HH- delicious burgers and giant beers on the cheap!

  • two words: Super. Mug.

  • They used to have a good happy hour.

    Recently, they have limited happy hour to a very small area in the immediate vicinity of the bar (with about 10 bar tables). The space around the bar becomes PACKED, despite the fact that most of the rest of the restaurant is empty. It is extremely difficult to get drinks, nevertheless order a burger anymore…

  • The big beers can’t be beat.

  • I can’t speak for happy hour, but generally speaking, this place is emminently skippable. A too-large menu of mediocre, unimaginative cuisine that is far too pricey for its merely passable quality level. Not sure how it survives, except for a great location without a ton of nearby competition.

  • Burgers come with plenty of gristle. The pork carnitas were absolutely terrible.

    The giant beers are the only reason to go.

  • Happy hour and brunch are good, but otherwise skip.

  • Agree with Tad, it is a good happy hour, but better get there early b/c it gets packed. I think they used to run happy hour all day on weekends too, which is a better time to go there to take advantage of their big beers.

  • I don’t drink, but I went there for dinner once because it was convenient to the Warner Theatre. Thought it mediocre. Wouldn’t go back.

  • Their white sangria is fantastic.

  • Great happy hour beer and burger specials

  • Supermugs are great, burgers are also decent. The bar gets too crowded and the rest of their food is subpar.

  • Never been to the happy hour. I’ve been to the restaurant several times. Burgers and sandwiches tend to be good, more complicated stuff is inconsistent. It’s quite possible to spend a lot of money here for a thoroughly mediocre meal. Not necessarily a bad choice for lunch or quick pre-theatre dining; if dinner is going to be the centerpiece of your evening, go elsewhere.

  • One of the worst meals I’ve ever paid for in DC – and this was during a business lunch, so I didn’t want to be all “high-maintenance” but oversalted, greasy food is just unacceptable. My dining companion, though seemed pretty pleased with his platter of greasy dreck and it made me realize that people are so used to mediocrity in DC restaurant it doesn’t take that much to make them happy. I hear this guy reccommending Chef Geoff’s all the time and I’m still mystified…

  • I find that the location on New Mexico Ave tends to be better. But yes, the HH is fantastic. At the NM location they have HH all day on Mon and Tues.

  • I had brunch at the New Mexico ave location and thought it was one of the most pleasant brunches I’ve had in DC and not super pricy either

  • M&S grill one block up or Aria @ the Reagan Building (one block down) are much better spots for Happy Hour in that area. Supermugs can only go so far. If you want pricing thats just as good AND good, cheap food- go to the above mentioned spots.

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