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  • Everytime I go by there, I expect to see John Candy as Uncle Buck come strolling out the door.

  • bucks is amazing. it’s so un-dc you will either love or hate it. the chef changed a while back and it only improved.

    • What do you mean by “un-DC” in this context?

      • means little to me to.
        i’ve been there. seemed “dc” enough to me.

      • The menu is a lot like restaurants that are called “bistronomic” or “new brooklyn cuisine” in a way that few other places in DC were when it opened. It’s also un-DC in that it is an ambitious and expensive restaurant that you could not hold a business meeting/dinner in and was not downtown, which was also unique when it opened.

  • I think they should include “a little bit of pickled onion” gratis, rather than charge $1 for it – see sides.

  • One of the best steaks in the city.

    • Seconded. If there’s a better one, I haven’t eaten it (yet).

      • I had the exact opposite experience. My steak was way over salted and over cooked when I ate there. Really annoyed the hell out of me since it was a $40 steak. Maybe I was there on an off night.

  • It’s by no means a bargain eatery and the chef is a little wacko, but the food is pretty good.

    • Carole Greenwood is no longer associated with Buck’s. Now that you can go there and no worry about her flipping her sh*t over some perceived slight to her “artistic” integrity I would highly recommend it. Food is top notch, but very pricey as noted above. I think the steak in question still runs $40+

  • I just heard about this for the first time the other day because, apparently, it is from the same people at Comet Ping Pong. Given the awesomeness of Comet as well as its literal namee, I assume that Buck’s is also awesome and they have camping and fishing inside.

  • The ingredients in our meals were great (read: gamey, as hoped) but the actual dishes weren’t terribly exciting. Our agist waitress treated us like ignorant children while other tables got a far better dining experience… I won’t be returning.

  • The homemade cottage cheese they served in August 2009 was divine and I think cottage cheese generally is one of the most disgusting things ever. If I could figure out how they made that I would make it.
    I have been to Buck’s multiple times and the food is always amazing. Fresh and seasonal and never the same menu items which makes it more interesting.

  • I really wanted to like it. It was just…ok. I started with the smoked trout spread which should have blown me away but the flavor was way too subtle. For my main I got the seafood stew which was really just broth with a very small amount of seafood. Of the five mussels in there only 2 were open. not cool at all. The dish itself was fine, but not great. Not worth the money

  • The burger is to die for.

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