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  • When I look up, I feel Lincoln Center. When I look down, I feel Aspen ski lodge.

  • Amazing building. Too bad the rest of Silver Spring is Butt Fugly.

  • There was a really nice roll-out of the civic building for the Silver Spring Jazz Festival two weekends ago. The retail mix around there leaves a lot to be desired, but the building is a sensible design choice that is much, much better than what previously was in that space and ties in well as an end-anchor for the pedestrian mall.

  • It would look a lot better if the floor tiles weren’t all mismatched.

  • Digging the deck chairs – can we get umbrella drinks?

    OOh – captcha being very stern here – 6 fails so far – weird symbols, no idea what it wants – and won’t give me another try!

  • Looks like a state school library, circa 1975. And why are the chairs so far apart?

  • Love it. was done by the well know boston firm Machado and Silvetti

  • I don’t think this is the most flattering photograph of the building though!

  • Where is the green? It looks like you’d sweat through your suit trying to make it to the front door.
    I so want to like Silver Spring, there are many things to like about the compact design downtown, but every time I go there I get this depressed taste in my mouth, the bitter tang of unleased retail storefronts, bus stations and suburban chain food.

    • I live in upper Ward 4 and consider Silver Spring my Mecca. Its where I go for some peace and government sensibility and unspoiled food in the grocery store. I’d move there in a heartbeat were I not leaving the area altogether (it sucks to be relatively poor).

    • “unleased retail storefronts, bus stations and suburban chain food.”

      Huh, huh, and huh?

      DTSS’s vacancy rate is low, to the point of badly needing more storefronts.

      You hate buses? Or are you just commenting about how DTSS is still building it’s new transit center?

      Chain food? You’ve never been off Elsworth Dr. if you think DTSS has too many chains. Fenton Village and South Silver Spring (aka the majority of SS) – check them out.

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