Judging Buildings – Mini Garage

This might be a re-PoP because I know I’ve seen it before (around 15th St, NW near T) but it continues to blow my mind. The entire roof is copper:

I don’t think it’s actually a garage but some sort of work or studio space. Very very cool.

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  • Love it…How much does a copper roof like that cost.

    also I just found a place around the corner from my work that sells slurpees for 1.54 cents. holla.

    • Funny you should ask that. On a job today I was talking to a guy who does copper rooves (I was selling the piece of equipment that forms the metal panels for rooves) and I asked what he would charge to put one on a typical rowhouse in DC. He said for 6 squares he would charge between $9-10k. That number was surprisingly low to me (I have heard quotes of around $30k), but he said he just tries to charge a fair price. I’ll give you his contact info if you want it.

  • I wonder if they have a Smart car?

  • My experience with copper is that it doesn’t take long before some wino or crackhead steals it to sell as scrap. Surprised it’s lasted this long.

    • It’s a high end shed with a copper roof.

      Soon it will turn verdi green and less Lincoln penny noticeable.

      (I approve of the new more legible captcha code.)

  • Motorcycle garage maybe?

  • If the AMG is outside…what’s inside?

  • i dont think its a repop. i walk by that house every day and just noticed it for the first time today (after also seeing it here). also, the copper-colored roof supports this (as age turns it green). It has a skylight on the back so I think its used as a studio.

  • Actually, copper doesn’t get that blue-green verdigris patina anymore. Something about the composition of modern copper, versus copper that was used 40+ years ago. New copper gutters/roofs will just turn brown. My mother still refuses to give up her 60 year old gutters because she loves the patina! I told her to just get new brown gutters, and faux paint them, but she didn’t care for that suggestion…

    I second the idea that this is for a motorcycle.

  • Whatever it is, it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile. I’d like to live in it! I second the new, better captcha…

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