Judging Buildings – Firehouse in Brookland

Here’s the great firehouse located next to today’s ‘Good Deal or Not?’ post on the 1200 block of Monroe St, NE. A friend of mine who lives nearby said it was recently renovated a few years ago. Anyone else know of particularly cool looking firehouses around the city?

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  • I want to party in the cupola of the one at 13th and L!

  • I want to party in the Brookland firehouse! I want to get out the hoses and spray down some pretty women!!!

  • Hey I like pretty.

  • the firehouse on Pennsylvania Ave in hillcrest
    the one on north capitol
    the one at new york and m
    the one at mass and h.
    the one at maryland and 13th ne

    those are the coolest ones i know of.

  • The Franklin Park station (on 13th Street between K and L) is really nice. I keep meaning to try and get some good pics of it.

  • Any idea why this firehouse has a tower on top of it?

    • Perhaps it was a volunteer fire company at one time. Typically such a firehouse would have a fire bell, or later a “fire whistle” (which often sounds like an air raid siren) to summon firefighters from their jobs or homes in the event of a fire. That sort of thing has been made obsolete by pagers.

  • Towers are for drying hoses, so that’s what I’d assume this one is for (even though its not that tall). The one at 14th and Newton is a great example of un-cool looking.

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